10 Sugar Free Easter Desserts (Gluten Free)

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Most of you know I own a small home keto bakery, and I sell my baked goods at the farmer’s market and in a local coffee shop. I gave up these desserts for Lent and today is day 40. I have one more week until I can partake, and it’s made me appreciate my cakes all the more. I am really missing that black and white cake. Six more days!

These Easter Keto Desserts are great for your diabetic and gluten free family members, and there is one that dairy free too.

For the Keto Chocolate Lovers

If you love lemon, try this keto Lemon Tart, which is simply luscious. Or, this lemon bundt cake which is so lemony and delicious.

Show off with these amazing cakes.

Keto Desserts with Coconut

Sugar Free Desserts – Peanut Butter Eggs

You have two choices to make sugar free peanut butter eggs.

Why Easter is So Special for Us This Year

Easter is early this year and will be the most special Easter of my lifetime and my husband’s lifetime. My husband is joining the Catholic Church and on Saturday night will partake in the Eucharistic sacrament for the first time.

One day I’ll share my story of how God through dreams and other events called me back to the Catholic church. Doug had NO interest in becoming a Catholic, but as he started reading church history, he began his own journey. He’s been in RCIA classes since July and I’ve been there with him, renewing my own Catholic faith.

January 1, 2023, we decided to attend a mass at a local Catholic church. He actually teared up during the mass, because the holy reverence for Jesus far outshined the shiny objects of self, entertainment and celebrity.

We spent the first twenty four years of our marriage in evangelical churches, and through a series of events that are unexplainable, except for God’s hand, we have found ourselves involved in a wonderful Catholic community.

We look forward to Holy Week, commemorating the sacrifice of Jesus that reconciled us back to God, showed us how to walk holy, demonstrated God’s great love for mankind.

I pray for all my readers to have a blessed Easter week.

Colored Easter Eggs

These beautiful colored eggs are made with Whipped Cream.

Colored eggs

More Easter Ideas

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