How to Color Eggs for Easter with Whipped Cream (Video)

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Hi Friends. Well remembering last Easter when the world was in lock down, here’s to a more cheerful holiday. Coloring eggs with whipped cream is a tradition I  have been doing with the twins for years. They are now 13 and yesterday reminded me that we need to do our whipped cream colored eggs. I  love having traditions and making memories. Every batch is different, yet beautiful.

Make sure to watch the video below.

Start with my perfect technique for hard boiled eggs. Buy some Cool Whip type whipped cream, and a package of food coloring and white eggs which work best, although I’ve used brown too.

Spread out some newspapers or old plastic tablecloths and get ready to color!

How to Color Eggs with Whipped Cream
How to Color Eggs with Whipped Cream or Shaving Cream for Beautiful Easter Eggs from Spinach Tiger

Are these eggs not gorgeous? These eggs were dipped twice to get deeper hued results.

How to Color Easter Eggs from Spinach Tiger

Did you know you could use whipped cream.  It works and the result is very creative.

Coloring the eggs with whipped cream was the most fun I’ve ever had doing Easter eggs. It was unpredictable and the eggs came out so beautiful.

Color Eggs with Whipped Cream

As far as the darker eggs you see in the white bowl above, that was the year we didn’t have pure white eggs, as I get them from an egg farmer and they were either tan or blue. We used them anyway.

I chanced it thinking we could do it again if it didn’t work and I could always make deviled eggs. It’s pretty easy to learn how to color Easter eggs with whipped cream. You just let your imagination run wild.

First we made these perfect hard boiled eggs. This means that when we crack them open, they will have tender yellow yolks with no dark ring. They will be easy to peel.

Yes, it was a little unstructured and a little messy. Yes, you should wear disposable gloves (amazon) if food coloring stained hands bothers you.

When You Color Eggs with Whipped Cream, you will always be surprised.

No, you can’t predict what the eggs will  turn out like.

Tips for Coloring Eggs with Whipped Cream

You could use any kind of food coloring.

  • You can use a baking dish or a bowl. Fill it with  whipped cream.
  • Add two to four colors (we used neon food coloring) and then gently swirl with a toothpick. Let the eggs sit for 10 to 20 minutes. You can take them out of the bowl with the colored cream still on them and set them into an empty egg carton.
  • Be careful not to mix too many colors or you’ll have some dark grey or muddy eggs. If that happens, just pour some coloring over those and experiment.
  • Wash whipped cream off with water.
  • You might want to use disposable gloves or you’ll have stained hands. I did this with little boys. We didn’t care how much of a mess we made. You might want to put newspaper or pet pads on the table first.
  • Use empty egg cartons to store your eggs.

Make sure you don’t over-mix your colors. They should look like this.

How to Color Eggs for Easter With Whipped Cream

This is how white eggs will color. So pretty!

We got so carried away, we did a few eggs a few different times, which resulted in the spectacular dark ones.

Once we ran out of whipped cream, we really got creative and just started dipping eggs in colored water or pouring some food coloring straight over the eggs.

Make Color Eggs for Easter with Whipped Cream

For regular coloring of eggs, I put some white vinegar in a jar of water and added in food color. Dip and color. Simple.

I had no firm plan, lots of experimenting which is what this kind of fun in the kitchen calls for.

Coloring Eggs with Whipped Cream is now an Easter Tradition

These are our 2018 eggs and the results were amazing.

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Don’t forget to make easy hard boiled eggs, recipe here.

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs by Angela Roberts

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How to Color Eggs for Easter with Whipped Cream (Video)

How to Color eggs with Whipped Cream for beautiful multi-hued Easter eggs.
Course: Holiday
Cuisine: American
Servings: 12
Author: Angela Roberts


  • 1 dozen eggs preferably white
  • vinegar
  • 1 large carton whipped such as Cool Whip
  • Food Coloring


  • Make hard boiled eggs (Recipe Here)
  • Empty container of Cool Whip type whipped cream into a 8 x 8 baking dish. It needs to be high enough to be able to sit the eggs in on one side. You can turn them over after about 10 minutes.
  • You can turn the eggs and let them sit again. You have to play around, but once you get it, you’ll make these every year.


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  1. 5 stars
    Quite pretty. Yes this is a new method we will try,

    Years ago my kids and I discovered that using brown eggs with the standard egg dying kit created more brilliant jewel toned colors. We discovered this after we bought our eggs at the last minute around Easter and the white ones were sold out. To our surprise we ended up with the most colorful eggs at the Easter egg Hunt. We used brown eggs for all future Easters.

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  4. These look like the marbled eggs we did as kids which were done with a drizzle of oil in each color and required multiple dips in the oil (and wiping in between). This method seems easier and of course whipped cream is so fun! GREG

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