How Would You Top Your Pop?

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Marshmallo Pops

The same week I was throwing a birthday party for my husband, I saw these cute pops at Kim Vallee at Home. I never miss Kim’s blog, because she drums up style and highlights the best of other blogs. These pops originated from Genieveve at Celebrate Today. They will bring style and a great bit of fun to a party.

If you are our friends and you are invited to dinner, do NOT get a babysitter. Our parties always include children, and I like to make it special for them. I have two living rooms and the first room you enter is kid ready with drawing tables, toys and a coffee table that is pretty indestructible.

I usually think about what foods the kids will enjoy along with their parents, although I am not a believer in “kids foods.” I am a believer, though, in embracing the enchantment of childhood and inspiring them to love entertaining. And, children delight in knowing that although they were dragged to an adult birthday party, (that’s how kids think) there will be special surprises that await them.

These are not only great table decorations, but you can top your pops anyway you desire. They are so easy to make, that you might even want to set up a little station and have the kids make them theirselves.

Stick a lollypop stick into a marshmallow. Dip in chocolate. Then dip in something else.

Crushed Oreos, Coconut, and Stars and just a few ideas.

Then get creative with your containers. I used plastic soda fountain glasses, filled with sugar and easter hay.

Tell me, how would you top your pop?

Happy Easter to you and your family.

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