Keto Shortcake Biscuits for Grain Free Strawberry Shortcake

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I’m so excited to share this recipe with you. Strawberry Shortcake is one of my favorite desserts. I wanted grain free shortcake biscuits that is keto friendly, gluten free and something everyone will love.

First, I have a question.

Are you the creative type or the corporate business type? That’s a silly question that doesn’t have anything to do with grain free shortcake biscuits or strawberry shortcake. Or does it?

In a previous life (many years ago), I held a high paying, corporate job in sales. As long as I was left alone, and given new markets to break into, I soared. I opened new markets and acquired new accounts this major company had never done business with.

I negotiated with big guys like QVC and Toys R Us. I also made friends with foreign companies to move product we couldn’t sell. I was in my element.

Best Grain Free Shortcake Biscuits for Strawberry Shortcake From Spinach Tige

Creative people are vital to the soul and sales of a company. We are the visionaries, the cowboys,  the hunters. When brand new products hit the market, it’s exhilarating when there are few parameters or people to follow. No one had done what we were doing. We created the path.  When it all settled down, it became too ordered, too confined, and I began to look for other ways to blossom.

I fell in love with faux finishing and the layering of paint and plasters, creating visual, moods, ambiance and beautiful decor. I eventually became a professional decorative painter,  trading briefcase for a bucket and scaffolding.  I still have all my samples. (which often show up here like today).

I don’t think I’m different than anyone else. We are made in our creator’s image. Each of us has something inside of us that yearns to create, instead of follow someone else’s pattern.

In business, it’s mostly a bureaucratic, following profession. You follow the rules, the steps, the guidelines, the sales manuals, the ledgers, the codes, and you spend a lot of time answering emails and supplying data. In some of the tech companies it’s a little bit different with games and pods and cool lunch food to try to eliminate the “box.”

However, now we’re reading how fake the idea of  individuality probably is, because the big powers censor and decide what news you see, and if you’re an employee you still have to believe what the bosses believe (or at least, pretend you do).

If you work at facebook, you probably hide any faith, belief, or value that doesn’t fit with Zuckerburg’s values and beliefs.

Grain Free Shortcake Biscuits for Strawberry Shortcake From Spinach Tige

Sadly, or fantastically, humans don’t move well in the follow lanes. We want to move in our individual footprint.  We not only want our own minds to work, we want our souls to belong to us.

After all didn’t we create language, script, song, musical notes.

Jumping off from decorative painting, I found my way into food blogging, one of the most liberating and creative professions in the world. It has no end to it’s approach and execution.

If I were ten people, I still couldn’t keep up with the recipes in my head. It’s not so much that they are wild or unique. It’s just that they are presented to you from my own original viewpoint.

Grain Free Shortcake Biscuits for Strawberry Shortcake From Spinach Tiger

What might make me a little unique as a food blogger is that I actually test and retest recipes. I think about what you are needing (big fat healthy food) and how can I help you partake in this food culture.

The Grain Free Shortcake Biscuits were tested three times.

I made three tries to get a low carb shortcake biscuit for strawberry shortcake, and I was a bit frustrated until the moment, I bit into one this one.  I ate one right out of the oven, and I don’t usually do that! Then I ate another one.

I knew I could develop a good grain free shortcake biscuits recipe because my Southern fluffy grain free biscuit is one of the most popular on the internet and for good reason. It took several tries to get there. I also have a traditional shortcake biscuit made with regular flour and I wanted something similar.

Ingredients for Keto Shortcake Biscuit

I used almond flour and coconut flour to get that just right texture.

A grain free shortcake biscuit needs to have certain texture that could absorb the strawberry juice and not get soggy. It also needed to taste good.

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The key to any good keto strawberry shortcake is to use juicy fruit that is still fresh.

I tend to add a little water to my strawberries or blueberries,  but try to buy ripe fruit that doesn’t need sugar. That’s not always possible. I often have to add in a little swerve, a powdered erythritol.
The good news about this summer dessert is that it’s grain free, diabetic friendly, keto friendly, paleo friendly. You can have your cake be healthy too

Make your strawberry shortcake your way! Add whatever fruit you personally love. I always throw a few blueberries or blackberries in because I like the extra color.

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Grain Free Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits
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Low Carb Shortcake Biscuits for Grain Free Strawberry Shortcake

A delicious grain free, low carb shortcake biscuit for America’s favorite dessert, Strawberry Shortcake.
Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time15 minutes
Total Time25 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Servings: 10
Author: Angela Roberts


Strawberry Shortcake

  • 1 to 2 pints strawberries
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cups water
  • shortcake biscuits
  • stabilized whipped cream


  • Preheat oven to 350 Degrees F.
  • Mix all dry ingredients together.
  • Add vanilla to eggs and mix together
  • Add butter to egg mixture.
  • Add this liquid to the dry ingredients.
  • You will have a biscuit dough.
  • Cut into the size you prefer. I will get between 8 and 10 biscuits per recipe.
  • Bake for 15 minutes at 350 Degrees F.

Strawberry Shortcake

  • To make strawberry shortcake, cut up your strawberries and add a tablespoon of swerve or sweetener of your choice, with a little bit of water. Let that sit for a while to make sure there is some juice.
  • Serve with your biscuit and whipped cream.

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  1. 3 stars
    I was hopeful for this recipe and followed the directions exactly. I got 8 rather small biscuits, and they didn’t rise much. They were passable but not great. I was wondering if baking powder might work better than baking soda, since there isn’t any acid in the recipe to activate the soda? My baking soda is brand new, so I know it works. What do you think? I really want this to work. Thanks!

  2. 2 stars
    The cake cups whatever they are called vanilla ice cream strawberries and cream. Put the strawberries in a container and put sugar over them let them sit overnight and when they are sweet put it all together and make the strawberry shortcakes. If you can’t find the cake cup things you can use pound cake or a food cake.

  3. Can Truvia be substituted for Swerve? Would the measurements be the same? Unfortunately Swerve makes me extremely sick.

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