Keto Strawberry Muffin Recipe

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Strawberry season is here and my friend has a huge, delicious picking patch on his farm. I  was able to pick a big bucket of beautiful sweet strawberries.

Keto Strawberry Muffin Recipe

I’m excited about this keto strawberry muffin recipe, mainly made with almond flour, coconut flour, sour cream, eggs and avocado oil. I  use my basic vanilla recipe that I  use in my keto bakery and add just a touch of orange extract to the batter. 

If you’ve been around for a while here at Spinach Tiger, you may be familiar with the many keto muffins we have created for the blog and the bakery. 

Some of the favorites included the lemon blueberry, pumpkin, lemon poppy, maple pecan, orange and coffee cake. I’m working to post them as fast as I can, and I  wanted to make sure I got this strawberry out right now in time for the season. I’ve listed links below to all of them!

Strawberries and Baking

Baking with strawberries is always tricky, as strawberries contain a lot of water. This is why I put the strawberries in after I  put the batter in the baking cups. I  want to make sure I  don’t put strawberries near the bottom, avoiding a soggy muffin. I  prefer small strawberries for this recipe if possible, so I  can just cut them in half. 

Keto Strawberry Muffins

What are the main ingredients of a keto strawberry muffins?

Almond flour, coconut flour, orange extract, vanilla  extract, fresh organic strawberries, xanthan gum, pastured eggs, sour cream, and Swerve granulated sweetener. 

These ingredients ensure a keto, paleo and gluten free friendly recipe, appropriate for many diets. 

Xanthan gum: Many ask if they HAVE to use it in a recipe and the answer is no. The xanthan gum which I  wrote about here, helps to hold cake together, doing the job of gluten which is not present. The only grain free recipe you have to use xanthan gum in is my grain free tortillas.

Almond Flour: Use blanched almond flour if possible and weigh it. It’s worth having an inexpensive scale in your kitchen if you’re going to bake with alternative flours.

Coconut Flour is used sparingly and helps to balance out the almond flour. 

Eggs: I  use a lot of eggs in my keto muffins, 6 for one dozen cakes. This will give the cake its spongy texture in a good way.

Sour Cream: I  love the richness sour cream gives a recipe.  

Avocado Oil: I  love baking with avocado oil, as cake is more moist and can be more easily refrigerated without drying out. Don’t use canola oil if you can help it. Use unsalted butter if you don’t have avocado oil. 

Keto Strawberry Muffins

What sweetener do you use for keto strawberry muffins? 

I use Swerve, a powdered erythritol. 

Swerve is my sugar free sweetener of choice. Swerve is a powdered erythritol that comes in both granulated and confectioner’s. I wrote an article here about Swerve and why I use it. 

Why are Spinach Tiger Keto Muffins the best?

We sell them every week in the bakery. We not only have tested recipes, we have credibility. The reason we think they are the best is the perfect texture. These are not eggy. They do not fall apart. The texture has the perfect crumb.

Where do you get those tart cups?

I love these tart cups that make eating and sharing easier. I buy them on Amazon. However, regular muffin liners work well too, although you may need to bake 5 to 10 minutes longer. I’ve made well over 6,000 muffins for the bakery and these work so well.

Some Tips for Keto Strawberry Muffins

  • Use sweet strawberries. Berries tend to lose sweetness as they bake. Use ORGANIC strawberries, as non-organic strawberries are doused too much pesticides. 
  • Add strawberries AFTER they are in cups for baking. 
  • Bake until golden brown to get that true muffin taste. 
  • Wrap in plastic wrap after they cooled to freeze. Will last in freezer up to 3 months. Defrost by setting in fridge or taking out and sitting on counter for an hour. Or you can microwave.

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Keto Strawberry Muffins Recipe
Keto Strawberry Muffins
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Keto Strawberry Cake

Made with roasted strawberries, this sugar free muffin is delicious.
Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time20 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: keto muffins, keto strawberry muffins, strawberries
Servings: 12
Calories: 255kcal


Dry Ingredients

Wet Ingredients for Cake


Strawberry Muffin Instructions

  • Mix all dry ingredients with sweetener in a bowl. Whisk. Set aside.
  • Beat eggs for four minutes until well shipped
  • Stream in avocado oil
  • In small bowl, whisk whisk sour cream, almond milk, vanilla and orange extracts.
  • Add sour cream mixture to egg mixture.
  • Add in dry ingredients and mix on low until just mixed.
  • Bake at 350 degrees F. (180 C.) for 15 to 20 minutes, until golden brown Y
  • Eat as is or sprinkle with Swerve Confectioner's Sweetener


Serving: 1of 12 | Calories: 255kcal | Carbohydrates: 7g | Protein: 8g | Fat: 22g | Fiber: 3g

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  1. 5 stars
    I used this to make blueberry muffins. I used half monkfruit/erythritol blend and half allulose. Half melted and cooled butter and half avo oil. Put the blueberries on the top like you suggest in your other recipe and baked for 20 minutes. They are sooo so good! (¬‿¬)

  2. 5 stars
    Made this for mother’s day! Replaced half the swerve with besti in the dry mix (allulose), and it was still great! Just microwaved the leftover batter (made a full dozen, but had about 2 muffins extra worth), and it was the best mug-muffin/cake I’ve tried yet.

    So a total winner for me (and everyone else who tried them)

  3. I’m definitely going to try these, however, the directions are a little wonky. Also, top says roasted strawberries but I think you are using fresh here.

    No need to post this, just giving you a heads up 🙂

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