Cheap Chicken Dishes Your Family Will Love

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Happy New Year my friends. I’m still formulating what I’m planning for 2022, as I’m still back in 2021 trying to finish recipes, blog drafts and how I want to see this year flow.

One thing I never have to think about is what I want my kitchen to look like. It has to look busy, messy and emit awesome smells of dinners and baked goods.

You want to cook or you wouldn’t be here, but you might be thinking what I’m thinking.

How Can I Make My Budget Fit My Taste for Delicious Food?

Here are some of the ways we can all stretch the budget and still eat like kings and queens. These cheap chicken dishes are my recipes that I have made in my nearly worn out oven or stove top over the last several years. These are dishes we have felt very blessed to enjoy. These are dishes that may help you stretch that food budget.

Chicken Thighs – Chicken Legs

Don’t think thighs and legs can’t be awesome. We prefer thighs and most of these recipes insist you find them with skin and bones.

Roasting Whole Chicken or Spatchcock Chicken

You really do save money buying whole chickens. You can buy high quality chickens such as air chilled chickens (check them out when they run discounts), Green Wise whole chickens at Publix or organic chickens at Trader Joe’s.

Roasted chicken is probably the single easiest dinner to make. If you’re afraid to roast a whole chicken, I promise you this method works, and it’s super easy and takes one hour of active roasting time.

If you enjoy whole pieces of chicken on the bone, cut your own or ask your butcher to cut it up for you. Publix will cut my whole chicken into pieces for the price of the whole chicken.

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Cheap Chicken Dishes: Whole Pieces of Chicken

Left Over Chicken Recipes

Chicken with Pasta (another way to stretch the chicken)

Tips for Buying Chicken for Cheap Chicken Dishes

  • Bell & Evans Air Chilled or Whole Foods Air Chilled (both bought at Whole Foods) (look for sales)
  • Kroger Simple Truth Air-Chilled Chicken
  • Greenwise Thighs or Legs at Publix
  • Greenwise Whole Chickens (often found on sale)

What is Air Chilled Chicken?

Air-chilled chicken is processed with cold air, eliminates the need for chilled chlorinated water that most producers use. I can vouch for a difference in roasting and baking. You’ll often notice chicken processed in water is soaked with water which emits during the roasting process. The meat is more tender, the flavor is better, and there is not added water or chlorine to weep out of your chicken.

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Collage of Cheap Chicken Dishes

Have a blessed year, and let’s fight food inflation together.

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