How to Cook Brussels Sprouts Ten Ways

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How to Cook Brussels Sprouts by Angela Roberts
How to Cook Brussels Sprouts by Angela Roberts

Just in case you’re looking for some ideas for those lovely brussels sprouts, here are more than ten ways to make them. It seems that everyone loves the brussels sprouts that are served in restaurants, but still not too sure how to cook brussels sprouts at home.

The Secret for How to Cook Brussels Sprouts is Chemistry

Do not overcook. This means do not boil. Brussels sprouts are best roasted, sauteéd, flash fried or served shaved raw and dressed in a salad.

Brussels sprouts take well to any number of ingredients such as nuts, fruit and perhaps even some pecorino cheese. They love an acid splash of citrus or balsamic vinegar, which will do wonders to brighten up the slight note of bitterness.

But don’t try too hard because they can dance alone as long as there is olive oil and sea salt. I love this olive oil, and I love this lemon sea salt.

Brussels Slaw with Almonds and Pecorino

Brussels Sprouts Slaw

Brussels Sprouts Frittata

Brussels Sprouts Frittata

Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts. Recipe here.

Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts Parmesan

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apples, Cashews.  Recipe here.

Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Cashews

Green Bean Casserole with Brussels, Bacon

Sauté Brussels with pasta. Penne Pasta, Lemon, Capers, Brussels Sprouts, Bread Crumbs.  Recipe here.

Penne with Brussels Sprouts - Version 2

Roast Brussels Sprouts with Almonds & Cherries. Recipe here.

Brussels Sprouts with Almonds, Dried Cherries

Flash Fry Brussels Sprouts (this is what restaurants do). This takes five minutes. Recipe here.

Flash Fried Brussels Sprouts by angela roberts

Roast Brussels Sprouts along side a rack of lamb. Recipe here. This entire meal takes 30 minutes to make.

Rack of Lamb from Spinach Tiger

If you don’t want to cook Brussels Sprouts, shred them into salad.

Sauté with Parmigiano Reggiano, Smoked Almonds, Red Quinoa.  This is amazingly good. Recipe here. 

Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Red Quinoa by Angela Roberts

Make Brussels Sprouts Gnocchi with Sage Browned Butter. Recipe here.

Brussels Sprouts Gnocchi with Sage Browned Butter Fried Sage by Angela Roberts

Oven Roast Brussels Sprouts with Sweet Potatoes for a Brunch. Recipe here. I

Autumn Brunch: Baked Eggs with Sweet Potato and Brussels Sprouts Hash

Make Brussels Sprouts Potato Cakes. Do this with left overs at Thanksgiving.  Recipe here. 

Brussels Sprouts Potato Cake with Ruffled Eggs by Angela Roberts

Add Brussels Sprouts to Pizza. There’s a video too. Recipe here.

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Pizza Video

Brussels Sprouts  Butternut Squash Panzanella. Recipe here. Serve this with this Roast Chicken. I did this one year instead of turkey.

Brussels Sprouts w Butternut Squash

Apple Brussels Sprouts Salad. If you don’t want to cook brussels sprouts, shred them raw into a salad. This is the salad we eat at Thanksgiving. Recipe here. 

Apple Brussels Sprouts Salad

Shred into a stunning Winter Kale Salad. Recipe here.

Winter Kale Salad with Shaved Brussels Sprouts

I hope you now have some fantastic ideas for how to cook brussels sprouts. I’ll keep adding here as I keep cooking them, so you might want to pin this. As I write, I have another fantastic idea for brussels sprouts cooking in my head.

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