Grain Free Sweet Potato Biscuits (Keto, Paleo)

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These grain free sweet potato biscuits will make you jump for joy.

They are a top seller in my keto bakery

Grain Free Sweet Potato Biscuit from Spinach Tiger

I promise. The texture is everything I wanted it to be, but the taste is even more surprising. The sweet potato taste comes through and grips the soul with just a tad of sweetness without added sugar. 

If you’re new around here, you may not know that I’m a bit of a biscuit expert. There are over 25 biscuit recipes here ranging from old fashioned Southern fluffy to gluten free to grain free with many variations.  Thousands of people visit my regular grain free recipe every month and I know they will love these even more.

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Adding just a mere quarter cup of mashed sweet potato has taken the keto friendly, grain-free biscuits from good to great at only 2 net carbs.

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You can do a lot with these biscuits by changing the profile from sweet to savory.

Cold butter is added to the dry ingredients (mainly almond flour and coconut flour) and then using my hands, I mix in the mashed sweet potato. It looks like this.

Whipped Egg Whites are one of the Secrets to my grain free sweet potato biscuits.

You CAN use boxed egg whites. They work just as well. Use about 3/4 cup.  Make sure your bowl is grease free. 

Do not break each egg into separated whites. Break each egg in a separate bowl, one at a time. Put yolks in one bowl, egg whites in another. Keep breaking eggs in that first bowl, always one at a time. You can’t use any egg where the yolk broke, because if even a smidgen of yolk gets into 

Grain Free Sweet Potato Biscuits New Technique Using an Ice Cream Scoop

When I did my video for my grain free biscuits, I used a biscuit cutter, which was a challenge and my biscuits were a bit flat, although tasty.  This week I used an ice cream scoop and although they look like balls instead of biscuits, it’s a brilliant move.

Then I fold in the whipped egg whites and place them on a parchment paper.

Grain Free Sweet Potato Biscuits from Spinach Tiger

Grain Free Sweet Potato Biscuits Can Be Sweet or Savory

When I made my first batch, I sweetened up the sweet potatoes with a little swerve and cinnamon and served them with a cinnamon butter.

Grain Free Sweet Potato Biscuits from Spinach Tiger

When I made my second batch of grain free sweet potato biscuits, which roared with flavor and just the right texture, I made them savory by adding fresh sage, parsley and a dash of celery salt.

I have already made these biscuits into a new version of grain free stuffing, as Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I’ve already stuffed chicken breasts and pork chops, so please stay tuned.

Sweet Potato Keto Stuffing

There are so many possibilities for these biscuits and I cannot wait to expand on this recipe and bring you new grain free, keto friendly creations, like my grain free biscuit egg cups.

How to Save Time: Make a biscuit mix

You can put all the dry ingredients in ziplock bags and have ready. Mix your almond flour, coconut flour, ground golden flax, baking powder, salt. Grab a bag, add butter, sweet potato. Bake.

This Keto Stuffing Recipe is more  AMAZING when you use these grain free sweet potato biscuits.

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Grain Free Sweet Potato Biscuits

Grain Free Sweet Potato Biscuits, so fluffy and good and makes great stuffing.
Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time15 minutes
Total Time25 minutes
Course: Biscuits
Cuisine: American
Servings: 8
Author: Angela Roberts



  • Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper or silpat. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
  • Mix sweet potato with cinnamon and swerve. Mash. Set aside.
  • Mix remaining dry ingredients. Add butter, Mix.
  • Add sweet potatoes. Mix. Set aside.
  • Separate egg whites. Make sure the bowl and whisk you are using to whip your egg whites is very clean with no grease or egg whites won't whip. If you are separating your own eggs, please use three bowls. One to break each egg in, one at a time. One to transfer each yolk to. The third bowl is the one you will be using to whip eggs. You cannot get any yolk in the whites which is why you break each egg one at a time.
  • Whip egg whites to a firm snow. Start whipping on low setting for first few minute and eventually turn up to medium high.
  • Spread the dry mix over the whipped egg whites and fold in.
  • Use an ice cream scoop with a lever if you have one to scoop biscuits onto baking sheet.
  • Bake at 425 degrees for ten minutes. Check to see at 5 minutes to see if getting too brown. If already brown, put foil loosely.
  • Bake five more minutes.
  • Note: if just making biscuits (not stuffing), add in some cinnamon, nutmeg and a little swerve.
  • If making savory for stuffing, skip the swerve, add in chopped sage, a dash celery salt instead of salt, black pepper, a little chopped parsley.



Carbohydrates: 4g | Protein: 8g | Fat: 11g | Fiber: 2g

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