Thanks Be to God

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I am a believer, and if you are not, I encourage to read this story, not that you will become a believer, but if only for the spirit of people when love is involved. Please, don’t take this as preaching. It’s just a story that has touched my life, and maybe it will touch yours.

I dedicate this Thanksgiving day to one day in my life, August 30, 1998. I heard a story on that day that will be forever stamped in my memory.

There was a man who was hard-hearted, married to a grace-giving wife who loved Jesus. He was so enraged with her faith and her kindness, he often locked her out of the house and said quite mean things to her. People thought she should leave him, but it seems she knew something no one else knew. She kept pouring the love that Jesus gave her onto him. She prayed daily for his soul to have the peace of God. She prayed nightly for his heart to melt. She never resented his abuse because she saw the man behind the meanness. She recognized that she herself was born, but a flawed woman, who only by the grace of God had attained a special goodness. She knew that she had received a wonderful gift that her husband didn’t understand. And so, instead of leaving, she listened to what her faith was saying. Instead of nagging,  she prayed during all the years of her marriage, until one day, when her husband was in his 60’s, something miraculous happened.  He could no longer stay cold under her flame.

His heart gave way. His spirit was rebirthed and he could no longer deny the reality of the love of his wife as something not natural. Indeed, it was a supernatural love and a guiding of the Holy Spirit that kept her steadfast. The meanness fell off and he was shattered and at the same time his brokenness was healed. He gave his life to Jesus, and it didn’t end there. He was so amazed by his own transformation, that seemed so sudden, he was compelled to tell everyone this good news. He went on to become a renowned evangelist who led thousands of people to the Lord. And, this happened in his twilight years.

This story was told to me by a pastor from Australia and it happened in his homeland. I don’t remember when or who it was about. I do remember that it has always given me great hope and has stopped me dead in my tracks from judging others.

This story changed my life and that’s a whole different story. It gives me hope that love does indeed conquer all. It gives me mercy, because I know I’m not any different than the hard-hearted husband. I was born with so many flaws and any goodness I have comes from God. It gives me peace in knowing that it’s not up to me to change anyone, as that is God’s job. It gives me a calling because I know that God has placed people in my life that I must never grow weary of loving and praying for.

It gives me a thankful heart because someone must have been praying for me, because one day, I took the same path as the hard-hearted husband and I allowed my heart to melt, and for that gift, I am very thankful.


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  1. So true. A great story and a greater reminder to be patient with others. So thankful that God has been patient with me.

  2. Whoa… that’s quite a story. I don’t know many people who could hold out for that.
    It’s great to hear that it worked for you. Giving thanks on Thanksgiving is what it’s all about!

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