Unexpected Healthy Thanksgiving Sides and Salads

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We all love a good, hearty thanksgiving dinner, even when we do a keto friendly thanksgiving.

However, I have to have some healthy sides and salads to balance out the meal.

These are a collection of unexpected healthy thanksgiving sides that will add some brightness to a heavy meal and are great to take along as a guest.

Salads: Unexpected Healthy Thanksgiving Sides

Greens: Unexpected Healthy Thanksgiving Sides

Just in case you are looking for the most loved side of the decade, Brussels Sprouts, I have several options and these are the favorite. Remember do NOT OVERCOOK.

Brussels Sprouts – An Expected Side at Thanksgiving

The left are flash fried. If that’s too much, the right are garlic roasted.

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Keto Thanksgiving, Low Carb, Grain Free, Sugar Free

Cheers to a healthy, happy Thanksgiving this season. As I strive to count my blessings, I pray to be a blessing to my family, my community, my country.

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