Six Easy Stuffing Recipes for Every Preference (Gluten free, Grain Free Options)

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The stuffing recipes here at Spinach Tiger have evolved over the years. Although I was raised in the northeast, where bread was cubed and turned into stuffing, not dressing, with a base of celery, onions and sage, I can now appreciate both.

Easy Stuffing Recipes

When I was growing up, the stuffing was actually stuffed into the bird and that was my favorite part. I liked it soft and moist, as opposed to crispy edges.

More recently, I’ve changed my tastes, as at some point stuffing the bird became unsafe, and the only bread stuffing available had those crispy edges I grew to love, as long as there was gravy.

When I moved to the south, I discovered there was no stuffing. There was dressing, made with cornbread and on the sweeter side, although it still included the basic ingredients of celery, onion and sage.

After you get the basics down, the fun begins, because you can add in your favorite flavor/texture additions.

All of these are easy stuffing recipes, that can be adapted.

Grain Free Stuffing. This is my personal favorite. Grain Free Stuffing made with these grain free biscuits.  Recipe Here.

Apple Sausage Sage Stuffing. We love sausage, or sausage with apples. This stuffing has all the Fall flavors and is a mix of crispy top and very moist underneath.  You can skip the sausage and just do apples or add in pecans. Recipe Here.

Cornbread Dressing with Homemade Corn Bread. Recipe Here. 

Cornbread Dressing with Homemade Cornbread

Cornbread Dressing with Sausage and Pecans. Recipe here.

Easy Stuffing Recipes: Corn Bread Dressing

Grain Free Stuffing that tastes like dressing, although there is no corn. My secret is using these grain free sweet potato biscuits and following this stuffing recipe.

Easy Stuffing Recipes: Grain Free Stuffing

Gluten Free Cornbread Biscuit Stuffing Recipe Here

Making Easy Stuffing Recipes and Dressing for Special Dietary Needs

Most of these recipes can be adapted to special needs.

  • Dairy Free: All of these stuffing recipes start with butter, but you can make stuffing with olive oil or avocado oil.
  • Vegan: You can exchange chicken broth for vegetable broth and leave out any meats.
  • Keto: There is a fabulous grain-free stuffing that has become a tradition in our home.
  • Paleo: We add little sweet potato to the biscuits that make the grain free stuffing, which it taste similar to a corn bread dressing. This can be made with sausage or pecans.

Use Easy Stuffing Recipes for Amazing Leftovers

This is the grain free stuffing stir fried with left over turkey. Stuffing Hash. Recipe Here.

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes: Stuffing Hash

Turkey Pie Reinvented, using stuffing and more. Recipe Here. To make this keto/paleo, you can use the dough from the chicken pot pie recipe.

Easy stuffing recipes: Thanksgiving Leftover Pie

Roast Turkey with Video. If you love stuffing, you’ll love this no baste cheesecloth turkey. Recipe Here.

Best 50 Thanksgiving Recipes Here

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