My Best Keto Fresh Strawberry Recipes

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It’s strawberry season, and that means strawberry dessert is on the menu! I recently purchased sweet, juicy strawberries from the farmer’s market and while they are delicious on their own, they make the best spring desserts. I’ll be bringing these muffins to the Nolensville Farmer’s Market this Saturday as the Summer Market opens.

Keto Strawberry Muffin

These are a few of my favorite keto fresh strawberry recipes because nothing is sweeter than fresh local strawberries.


Low Carb Strawberry Shortcake

There are two types of strawberry shortcakes. One method is to make vanilla cakes and then top with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, more like the sponge cake method. The other pictured on the right is a more crumbly shortcake that soaks up all the strawberry juice. I like both kinds.

Keto Strawberry Muffins/Biscuits

An easy way to use up your strawberries is to make strawberry muffins or strawberry biscuits. The biscuits pictured on the right are closer to scones, while the muffins

Keto Strawberry Cakes/Cupcakes

More Strawberry Recipes

Sugar Free Strawberry Sauce

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