Grilled Bok Choy with Balsamic

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Who knew bok choy could be roasted or grilled? My favorite farmer at the Nolensville Farmer’s Market (where I sell my keto baked goods) has been selling bok choy all winter because he has a green house and I’ve been purchasing weekly. Bok Choy is actually at its prime in winter months, as it loves frost.

Grilled Bok Choy with Balsamic from Spinach Tiger

Keeping it Simple with Balsamic

On a lazy day I decided to douse with some olive oil and throw on the grill. Wow. All it needed was salt, pepper, and some good balsamic vinegar. This is a great idea when you it’s one of those busy days where you throw some steak, pork chops or chicken on the grill, and you need a side.

Balsamic vinegar should look more like a glaze or syrup than dark red wine vinegar. Don’t buy the $3.99 balsamic, but invest in a good aged balsamic and enjoy it sparingly. If you want a vinegar for vinaigrettes, try a nice affordable red wine vinegar. It’s not that you can’t make a vinaigrette with a good balsamic, as you can, but for everyday, I like a solid red wine vinaigrette.

What is Bok Choy?

Most likely you have eaten bok choy in some of your favorite Chinese cuisine, because bok choy is basically a white Chinese cabbage. It’s crunchy, slightly bitter, with dark green leaves. You can eat both the stalk and the leaves. It’s can be eaten raw or cooked, usually sauteèd accompanying other vegetables. Bok choy can be made into a slaw, which I will cover in a separate recipe.

Bok Choy

How to Grill Bok Choy

There are many ways to prepare bok choy and most of the time it will be cut up and then stir fried. Grilling bok choy is just one way to change things up.

Bok Choy from Spinach Tiger

Cut off the stem. Rinse very well. My bok choy is organic and must be rinsed really well to get rid of dirt and possibly bugs. Dry well. Douse with olive oil. Grill for about 3 to 4 minutes on a medium hot grill. Drizzle balsamic vinegar over the bok choy, season with a little more salt and pepper and serve.

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Bok Choy with Balsamic from Spinach Tiger

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Grilled Bok Choy with Balsamic from Spinach Tiger
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Grilled Bok Choy with Balsamic

Grill Bok Choy Whole, Drizzle Balsamic for an Easy Unique Side
Prep Time2 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes
Course: Side Dish Vegetable
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Balsamic, bok choy
Servings: 4 Servings


  • 2 Bunches Bok Choy
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 4 tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar (syrupy)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper


  • Trim off bottom of bok choy. Rinse well. Dry with paper towels.
    Bok Choy
  • Heat Grill to medium.
  • Drizzle olive oil over stalks and season with salt.
  • Put on grill and watch carefully. It only takes a few minutes to sear on grill.
  • Drizzle with Balsamic. Season with salt and pepper.
    Grilled Bok Choy with Balsamic from Spinach Tiger

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