Super Bowl Party Food, Italian Style

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Italian flavors are always crowd pleasers. These are some of my most favorite Italian style party foods. I don’t know a lot about football, but I sure do know about food. I’m giving you some last minute ideas, a few super easy, even if you’re not a big cook, a few thing dishes that are great to take to a party, and a few dishes that take a little time. Enjoy!

The SUPER EASY Super Bowl Party Food, Italian Style

Caprese Pepperoni Sandwich

Super Bowl Party Food, Italian Style by Angela Roberts

This is THE recipe for authentic bruschetta. I learned it in Italy. Improve up in by adding crumbled bacon!

Tomato Bruschetta by Angela Roberts

White Bean Bruschetta  Canned white beans, olive oil, lemon go in a blender, making this super easy as you can make ahead. Top with crispy proscuitto or bacon.

White Bean Bruschetta 2 by Angela Roberts

Smoked Salmon Cheesecake with Video. So easy a five year old can put it together. Watch the video if you don’t believe me.

Tuscan Kale Salad with Almonds, Pecorino and Lemon.   I promise you this makes a party happy, and I promise you people will eat it all, every bite, because while Super Bowl is a pig out type of day, someone, if not everyone will look for something healthy. This would go great with the mock porchetta.

Tuscan Kale Salad by Angela Roberts

Pasta with Broccoli and Anchovy Sauce – I had to include a pasta. This is fantastic and just as good at room temperature. You won’t taste the anchovies, but you’ll keep going back for more, because it’s flavor driven.

Pasta with Broccoli Anchovy Sauce by Angela Roberts

Super Bowl Party Food, Italian Style Requiring a Few Hours of Cooking Time

Mock Porchetta (Italian pulled pork sorta). Serve on crusty rolls with arugula. Fancy Man Food.

Mock Porchetta for Super Bowl Recipes by Angela Roberts

Bolognese Sliders – Way better than Sloppy Joe’s. The bolognese also can be served over pasta.

A year of cooking Italy with Marcella Hazan by Angela Roberts

Zucchini Fritters – So old school, they are new school.

Zucchini Fritters by Angela Roberts

Bean soups are amazing crowd pleasers. Serve with no knead rosemary bread.

Bean Soup Tuscan Style with tomatoes, crunchy rice and bacon. You can skip the rice, but the bacon does make it better.

Bean Soup with Bacon and Crunchy Rice

Snowcap Heirloom Beans with Shrimp and Olives  I served this at a super bowl party two years ago. Delicious. Unique.

Snowcap Heirloom Bean Soup

Christmas Lima Bean Soup with Olives and Lemon. It’s hard to describe how meaty good this soup is.

Christmas Lima Bean Soup

Chocolate Cupcakes with a recipe that feeds a very large crowd and everyone LOVES these. All ingredients go in one bowl together, making this as easy as box cake, but, let’s be clear; this is not a box cake. It’s amazing. I promise.

Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes by Angela Roberts

Rosemary Dried Plum Oatmeal Cookies A stroke of genius hit me one day to make this sweet, savory chewy cookie.

Oatmeal Cookie with Dried Plums and Rosemary

I’m so excited for the Super Bowl, especially those commercials!

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  1. Hi Angela…wow!what a great line up of dishes regardless of the occasion. I must admit that I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the Super Bowl. Never have and never will but I do like snacks and soups and good things to eat so thanks for sharing. Stay dry.

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