15 Italian Sausage Meals Your Family Will Love

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Italian Sausage is one of those proteins we buy almost weekly, because the versatility of Italian Sausage meals seems infinite.

Italian sausage will find itself in appetizers, breakfast, lunch and dinner, but we especially love the Italian sausage meals we have come to love.

Baked Italian Sausage with Broccoli Rabe

This is one of the Italian Sausage Meals that my husband loves the most. Broccoli rabe marries the flavors of Italian Sausage so well, and you will see this repeated pairing in many recipes.

Italian Sausage Ricotta Frittata

This is how we celebrate holiday mornings, but it’s also wonderful for lunch or dinner. Italian sausage, greens, and a dollop of ricotta.

No Beans Chili with Italian Sausage and Ground Beef

My husband makes the best chili and since I don’t eat beans, he developed a fantastic no-beans recipe just for me, and it has Italian Sausage.

Italian Sausage with Cauliflower and Spinach in Air Fryer

This is such a fun, easy, dinner that can be made in a sheet pan, fryer, or stir fried.

Al Fresco Italian Chicken Sausage

Orecchiete with Broccoli Rabe and Italian Sausage

This is a classic Italian dish made with a special shaped pasta and takes full advantage of this great pairing of flavors.

Italian Sausage, Mozzarella Stuffed Biscuits

This is the all in one delicious Italian sausage biscuit.

Italian Style Biscuits with Sausage and Mozzarella

Spicy Italian Soup with Italian Sausage

I made this soup about every other month because it has all the good things like cabbage and tomato broth,  and especially the flavor driven from Italian sausage.

Italian Sausage Soup

Italian Roasted Chicken Thighs with Sausage and Peppers

The one pot, Italian chicken dish only made better with links of Italian sausage.

Roasted Chicken Thighs from Spinach TIger

One Pot Chicken and Italian Sausage with Greens and Beans

Beans, greens, broth, chicken, and of course, Italian sausage makes this one hearty meal.

Keto Sausage Crusted Pizza with Broccoli Rabe

This clever idea for no-dough pizza has made us both so happy, and is our new Friday night dinner.

Keto Sausage Crusted Pizza with Broccoli Rabe and Fried Egg

Spaghetti Squash with Italian Sausage

Spaghetti Squash topped with Italian sausage, mushroom, cream, and sage is hearty, healthy and a bit umami.

Three Cheese Italian Lasagna

Oh my goodness, who wouldn’t love this dish? Filled with spaghetti squash, meat, cheese and a lovely quick tomato sauce.

Italian Eggplant Soup with Italian Sausage

Italian Eggplant Soup with Sausage from Spinach Tiger

Chicken with Italian Sausage and Muscadine Grapes

When Autumn rolls around, you will see muscadine grapes and now you know what to do with them.

Sheet Pan Pizza with Italian Sausage and Trader Joe’s Pre-Made Dough

You can now see just how versatile Italian sausage is. What’s your favorite way to eat it?

Italian Sausage Meals

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