Creative Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers and a Blessings Jar Tradition

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Thanksgiving leftovers. Everyone loves them, at least for a day, and the microwave has made the whole left over thing quite easy. But, I’m in the cooking mode during Thanksgiving week, and over the years, I’ve made a few interesting creations from the leftovers.

Thanksgiving Leftovers by Angela RobertsMost of the recipes here used ingredients from our Thanksgiving dinners over the years.  Roast turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, green beans.

You can make this grain free if you are making my grain free dressing, by using the crust from the keto chicken pot pie.

This is a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. Left over Mashed Potato Cakes made with Brussels Sprouts topped with a very elegant ruffled egg or perfect poached egg. 

Thanksgiving Leftovers 5 by Angela Roberts

This recipe for Turkey Tarte Tatin was originally made with chicken, but you can use turkey.

Savory Tarte Tatin for Thanksgivng Leftovers by Angela Roberts

Gnocchi made with brussels sprouts, fried sage. This is a great dish for anytime of the year, but it was created with brussels sprouts one black Friday a few years  back.

Thanksgiving Leftovers 2 by Angela Roberts

Take some turkey and and cranberry sauce and stuff it into these biscuits that only take 20 minutes to make start to finish.

Or make these Grain free 

Sage Cornmeal Biscuits by Angela Roberts

This is my most creative use of thanksgiving leftovers. I just about used everything, stuffing, turkey, gravy, and mashed potatoes and reinvented the turkey pie.

Thanksgiving Leftovers by Angela Roberts

This was one way I decided to do a spin on green bean casserole. Try using your casserole left overs to do this.

Green Bean Mushroom Onion Tart by angela roberts

Candied Sweet Potatoes make a great sweet potato pie or sweet potato biscuit.

Two Ways to Make Southern Sweet Potato Pie by Angela Roberts

I have lots of tangerines left over, and after all that pie, tangerine sorbet is so refreshing.

Tangerine Sorbet and How to Roast Chestnuts by Angela Roberts

The Turkey Sandwich, the Thanksgiving Leftover Standby

I know the great turkey sandwich is missing, so I went to Pinterest and picked out a few favorites.

Get fancy with this gourmet turkey sandwich from the Gourmet Traveler.

Turkey and White Cheddar with Caramelized Onions and Grilled Grape Cheese from Foodie Crush.

Who doesn’t love old school Hot Turkey Sandwich, from Simply Recipes. I grew up in diners that served this all year.

You have to see this to believe this turkey sandwich from Spoon, Fork, Bacon.

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Don’t forget Turkey Soup

Make Bone Broth

If you’ve saved the bones of the turkey, put in crock pot with cold water for the next 48 hours. Add fresh herbs, salt, pepper. Strain through a mesh strainer.

Here are 8 soup recipes you can make.

You can replace chicken in this healthy Mexican Rice Soup. 

Fiesta Turkey Tortilla Soup

My Blessings Jar

Blessings Jar by Angela Roberts

I hope you all had a enjoyable Thanksgiving. I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite things to do on Black Friday, besides shop. Start a new blessings jar.

Please follow our Thanksgiving Pinterest Board, where I put together Thanksgiving Food Pins from the very best food bloggers, including lots of ideas for leftovers and Thanksgiving weekend eating.

Creative Thanksgiving by Angela Roberts

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  1. G’day! Love your idea Angela, true!
    Better than the same ho hum turkey sandwiches that seem to go on and on the week after Thanksgiving and love your photos; very creative!
    Cheers! Joanne
    PS Love your Blessings Jar idea too!

  2. Angela, more than the wonderful recipes you have shared I really love the Blessings Jar Idea. First of all it is a brand new way to use a canning jar which really appeals to me and it is a great way to actually “count our blessings” of which there are so, so many. I will now count as a blessing that I know about you and that you have shared this very good idea with me. Thanks so much. T

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