How to Make Strawberry Simple Syrup

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How to Make Strawberry Simple Syrup from Spinach Tiger

The summer heat came in Spring this year in Nashville. I don’t like heat. I like beach breezes and weather I can run long distances in.

I learned, however, that early heat has it’s good side. The strawberries at the farmer’s markets were running over with organic, sweet, juicy strawberries and they are still coming.

Strawberry Simple Syrup by Angela Roberts

I bought a gallon and half between three different farmers, but my best purchase was the gallon bucket from Kelley’s Berry Farm for $15 at the Tuesday market.

All week I thought about ideas for these strawberries. I wanted to make gelato, cocktails, a spicy strawberry sauce for chicken, and frozen jar. I did that here.

You can freeze your strawberries in jars, as long as you leave about an inch of room for expansion.

Make strawberry simple syrup.

I decided to make a simple syrup with strawberries because in all this heat, Strawberry Sangria sounded so refreshing.

If you have strawberries left over, make strawberry sauce. 

Strawberry Sauce from Spinach Tiger

You might be thinking strawberry cocktails sound good too.

Strawberry Martini from from Spinach Tiger

Strawberry Martini Recipe by angela roberts

 Blackberry Sangria from Spinach Tiger

If you like this, you may like our blueberry simple syrup recipe.

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How to Make Strawberry Simple Syrup

A simple syrup made with fresh strawberry puree and fresh strawberries.
Prep Time20 minutes
Cook Time30 minutes
Total Time50 minutes
Course: Sauce
Cuisine: American
Author: Angela Roberts


  • 3 cups strawberries washed with stems removed divided
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water


Strawberry Puree

  • Blend two cups of strawberries until a puree is formed.
  • Dice remaining strawberries. Set aside
  • Heat water, sugar, strawberry puree together to a boil. When water is at a boil, add diced strawberries, and simmer until the strawberries are very soft. Take through a sieve. Store in refrigerator.
  • Note: Reduce down to very thick if you want to use for frosting or cake.


You might want to add in a fresh herb to the syrup, such as basil.

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  1. What a brilliant strawberry syrup recipe, I had strawberries lying around in the fridge so I made the syrup just now and I am so excited to use it on different things. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

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  4. i’ve been stocking up on fresh, local strawberries lately, too – aren’t they just wonderful? we got a great deal on Portland, TN strawberries at the farmer’s market so I’ve been cooking/baking with them + snacking on them for the last 5 days. they’re almost all gone!

  5. Angela, thanks for including me in your post. I feel so honored and you did such a great job melding ideas. Your syrup looks absolutely beautiful and would be great on some homemade ice cream I bet! We are still eating strawberries here at our house every day but this too will pass, sadly, but we have our “put up” berries and you have your “syrup”. Well done.

  6. How I mess Erdbeeren season in Germany! I haven’t had time to get to the famers market here in NYC these past weeks. This syrup is perfect. Thanks for the recipe. I inted to make it as soon as I get my (oven) mitts on some fresh strawberries.

  7. Just got 4 lbs. for $5 in WY. Great ideas here. i have Aji dried peppers and will try a spicy chicken sauce today.

  8. If only we had strawberries at the moment! The problem is that our spring sofar has been more like autumn. Cold, rain and not good for strawberries. But fingers crossed the summer will be better!

  9. MmmmMmmm.. we just finished Strawberry smoothies just about an hour ago.. we still have more strawberries in the fridge that we are going to be “putting up” too… LOL
    So refreshing!

  10. Could use the strawberry syrup on so many things, like pancakes or ice cream, yum! Very nice!

  11. Simple, but delightfully divine! Wow, I’d love to be able to find such cheap strawberries. Here, 250g costs about 5-6$…



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