Five Summer Cocktails that Will Take You into Fall

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School might be starting, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to enjoy summer cocktails! It’s only August and it’s still hot out.

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Summer Cocktails That Take you into Fall from Spinach Tiger #summer #cocktails #fallcocktails

I have to close my eyes when I go to the craft store, because I’m in no mood for scarecrows. I want Sangria, Frose, and all the summer drinks I can manage, but there are a few cocktails that you could drink all year and a few that ease us into the Fall and Winter gracefully.

Summer Cocktails that Work All Year include the Gin Basil Smash with Lemon Simple Syrup

More reasons to grow your own basil. If you  find lemon basil, even better! Lemon Thyme would be another great garnish. Gin Basil Smash Recipe Here.

Summer Cocktails: Gin Basil Smash from Spinach Tiger

Summer Cocktails with Multi-Purposes: Elderflower Gin Cocktail

The color comes from Concord grapes which always make me think of Autumn. So good! This might be considered a girlie drink, so be sure to bookmark this for your next shower or Galentine’s party. Elderflower Gin Cocktail here.

Summer Cocktails - Gin Elderberry Cocktail from Spinach Tiger

Summer Cocktails often have fruit like this Blueberry Old Fashioned 

Light Enough for Summer, substantial enough for Fall. When winter rolls around, make this Cara Cara Orange Old Fashioned.

Blueberry Old Fashioned Recipe Here

Summer Cocktails - Blueberry Old Fashioned from Spinach Tiger

Rose Summer Cocktails like Frosé Works All Year, Especially at Holiday Brunches

Frosé is a cocktail you can make all year long using frozen strawberries and you’ll want to have at your holiday brunches. I have these coupe glasses from Libby (Amazon).

Summer Cocktails - Frosé from Spinach Tiger

Summer Cocktails that Roll into Autumn with Ease

Roasted Butternut Squash Infused Vodka with Sage Garnish

You will need to make your vodka in advance by a week, but trust me, this is so good and especially nice passed around at a holiday dinner in small glasses like these.

Summer Cocktails that Roll into Winter Festivities

When the watermelon is gone, the pomegranates arrive and you can make this Pomegranate Vodka Cocktail drink or this Cranberry Cocktail.

Cranberry Cocktail

Cheers to the Cocktail Hour. What’s your favorite Summer into Fall/Winter cocktail?

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