Watermelon Sorbet and Watermelon Vodka Cocktail

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Watermelon Vodka Cocktail

It’s almost 100 degrees and company is coming. Dessert will not come from an oven. But, I know watermelon is welcome and I’m sharing two recipes with you.

You cannot fail with watermelon in the hot summer. It’s the fruit I crave the most when the heat rises. It’s so juicy and sweet and is the perfect dessert simply sliced and plated. However…..

However, if you are having a special dinner guest in the middle of the week, you want to make something just to show your love.

Shane was my very first friend in Nashville 11 years ago, and I hadn’t seen him in a long time. He reached for his star and he’s living his dream as a successful song writer. I can say I knew him when. On his way to success, he helped me faux finish, even working with me on the Opryland Hotel. And, he is so down to earth and genuine that he still offered to help me faux finish my kitchen……because he hates it.

It didn’t seem unusual at all for him to come in, take a look around and tell me the green is all wrong. Well that very morning, I had decided the green had to go. We think alike and in 9 years, my kitchen is soon to see it’s 5th faux finish. We both agreed that icey blue is where it needed to go. I wonder if our decision is based on our reaction to the heat.

Of course, my husband is just shaking his head. “Here we go again.” Shane said he would help me do it. This is what I love about old friends. You don’t see each other for a long time and you just pick back up as if no time had passed. And, you give your opinion freely.

These kind of friendships aren’t built upon music business success or life status. These are the friendships that connect instantly and stand the test of time because they are based on something that’s hard to describe, but I’m sure you can think of a few people in your life that you have this with.

And, these kind of friends can come into your house and offer their opinion without offense because they see your place as their place. I love it because I did the exact same thing to him recently at his new condo. He wants a silver leaf ceiling, but I’m seeing medallion gold lusterstone. I ought to just pack my paint deck at all times, because I love to pick paint colors for other people. And, I also, like to tell people what to eat. But, it’s not my fault. It’s my Italian genes. Art and food are our life. Couple this with a mild case of assertive opinion, and you can see why we must find others like ourself to hang out with.

The Sorbet
The color alone is nearly enough for me. It’s really the true color of a ripe watermelon, not pale pinky quiet, but loud and juicy.

This is now my favorite sorbet out of my kitchen to date. The texture was unusual. It quickly melts in your mouth, but I loved it, and was so disappointed the next day when I went to the freezer and it was gone.

Watermelon Sorbet by Angela Roberts

Sorbet Becomes a Cocktail
I pointed a finger at Mr. Spinach Tiger and he said it was still there, but way in the back. I took it out and thought “it’s cocktail hour” somewhere, and I had extra watermelon juice. I like vodka cocktails in the summertime, either with lemonade or with fresh juice, and as cold as I can get them.

I mixed the sorbet with some watermelon juice, vodka and splash of lime and had a nice moment. Is it wrong to drink a cocktail in the kitchen all alone pre-shower? Of course, not. I have to test my recipes, right?

Don’t ask me for exact measurements.

The ratio is somewhere around

  • 3-1 sorbet to watermelon juice,
  • 4-1 (that)juice to vodka or more if you like.

You could be more daring and exchange the vodka with tequila, but I can’t drink tequila alone. Mr. Spinach Tiger always salts his watermelon, so I salted the rim of the glass and it nicely balances the “sweet” of the drink. But, feel free to sugar the rim if you like it sweet.

Doesn’t this deep watermelon color refresh you instantly? Tell me, how are you keeping cool these days?

Sorbet Recipe
Adapted from The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. Makes 1 litre (1 quart).

  • 3 pound watermelon (large to make extra watermelon juice for cocktails)
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • big pinch salt
  • 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon tequila (original was vodka)

Make watermelon juice

  1. Trim off rind, take off as many seeds as you can. Chop and put in blender. I used an immersion blender.
  2. Strain through a mesh sieve to yield watermelon juice that has no seeds, no pulp.

Make simple syrup

  1. Use 1 cup of watermelon juice with sugar.and salt. Heat in small saucepan until sugar is melted.
  2. Add lime juice, remaining watermelon juice, and tequila. Chill thoroughly.
  3. Process with ice cream maker.


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