Thunderbird Wings & Thighs Food Truck and Craft Brewed

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Thunderbird Wings and Thighs

When you take your first bite of a Thunderbird thigh, you’ll be thinking, I’m coming back here tomorrow. If you pair it with the smoked poblano macaroni and cheese, you’ll want to reorder and take some home just like we did.

Parked at Craft Brewed, the Thunderbird food truck is one of the best little finds in Nashville for casual fast food.

I was not anticipating my love for this chicken, because I’m not usually a fan of  “smoked” food, but that’s all changed now.

I realized how much of an art there is to getting food just smokey enough to excite the palate.


Trace Scarborough is a song writer, who branched into a catering business, which grew to a food truck business. Unlike many trucks that roam the streets, the Thunderbird sits in front of Craft Brewed 4 days a week, making the stop even better. Craft Brewed has an extensive beer menu and several kombuchas on draft, the perfect beverage for this amazing chicken. You might jump over to their website to read more about their unique selections including 42 on draft. It’s a kid friendly place (even dog friendly on the patio).

Here’s another crazy confession. I don’t really like mac n cheese, but I couldn’t stop eating this version which is pecan smoked just like the chicken, and has just enough poblano peppers to make me want to finish the whole thing, and it was on Doug’s plate, because I ordered the chopped slaw, which is also great, and a must to go with the chicken.
Thunderbird Food Truck

I can’t relay in words how good this chicken is.The thighs are so tender and the smoking process makes them taste a little more like tender breasts. We preferred the thighs over the wings, even though they are also great. The chicken is not sweet and sticky like I thought it was going to be. It’s prepared rather healthy and the chicken and slaw is on the low-carb side, which made me very happy, (until, of course, I put my fork into that mac n cheese).  FYI, the mac n cheese is only available on Friday and Saturdays.

We loved our lunch so much, we did a to go order and brought more home for dinner, fighting over that last bite of mac n cheese.

Thunderbird Wings & Thighs Food Truck


The Thunderbird Truck is located in the parking lot of Craft Brewed. Follow them on Instagram for your foodie pleasure.

2502 Franklin Pike, Nashville.

Hours: Wed – Sat 11:30 – 9:30



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