Legato Gelato, Nashville

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Located in Edgehill Village, in Nashville, Legato Gelato has long been one of my favorite treats. Located next to Mamacita and close Bella Napoli Pizza, it’s the perfect ending or stop in for gelato, sorbetto, espresso or a baked good.

Legato Gelato by Angela Roberts

Nashville is blessed to have people move to here and pursue their dreams. Terri-Ann Nichols fell in love with gelato while traveling in Spain. After much practice making home batches, she decided to throw herself into the business of gelato, taking classes, even studying in Italy with master gelato makers. She was addicted from her first bite and I understand, as when we were in Italy, we couldn’t go a day (or a few hours) without stopping in a gelato shop.

The only thing hard is deciding which flavor to get. Some of the classic flavors include Madagascar Vanilla, Sicilian Pistachio, Hazelnut, Coffee, and Stracciatella, but I especially love their featured Sea Salt with English Toffee.

Legato Gelato 1 by Angela Roberts

Gelato is different from ice cream. It has a lower butter fat content, made with milk instead of cream, and often without egg yolks. It’s churned more slowly, is denser and more intense in flavor. The result is a smooth, creamy texture, served at a higher temperature than ice cream. It’s glided out with a gelato spatula instead of a scoop. It’s heavenly and satisfying.

Legato Gelato 3 by Angela Roberts

Legato Gelato by Angela Roberts

Such a pretty painting on the wall compliments the charming atmosphere. It feels modern, clean and cozy all at the same time with a retro vibe.

Legato Gelato 4 by Angela Roberts

Always real, locally sourced whole milk and real fruit are used in gelato and sorbetto. Only natural ingredients are used and no artificial flavors or dyes, making Legato Gelato a true pleasure to eat.

Legato Gelato 5 by Angela Roberts

I’ve eaten Legato Gelato at many food events, and it’s no surprised that there is always a line
1200 Villa Pl #113, Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 530-3190

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