Teres Major Steak Tacos and Our Favorite Tortilla

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Tortilla Land Steak Tacos

Last week it was  108 degrees here in Nashville. This means all the cooking is best done outside, even grilling the tortillas.

We turned to  Tortilla Land fresh uncooked tortillas which I wrote about here.

They are raw and have to be refrigerated. This means that must be grilled or cooked on a griddle for 30 seconds per side. They puff up beautifully and aren’t like any other store bought tortilla.  They are the next best thing (maybe better) than any homemade tortilla and quickly become the star of the taco. Last week, we also served these to a guest using sweet potato as the main ingredient and she said it tasted like a pastry.

A good tortilla and a tasty cut of meat is the start of a good steak taco.

A few posts back, I mentioned  teres major, an inexpensive cut of meat,  that I just discovered a few months ago. No bone, no fat to cut, and although it can be marinated, it’s not necessary, as it’s fairly tender and great for steak tacos.

We ate these Mediterranean style, with tomatoes from our garden, a smattering of ricotta salata cheese, some spicy olives and chipolte salsa from Trader Joe’s and cilantro.  Some nights we added some home grown chopped cucumbers.

Just throw the raw tortillas directly onto the grill and turn once they puff up.


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  2. Angela,

    Thank you again for sharing your creative culinary talents! You are a fabulous chef (and photographer) and our fans really enjoyed this recipe. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

    Amy Dunn

  3. You have the right idea about cooking outside….I have not used my oven in weeks! But now we have glorious rain…so perhaps it is time to actually cook some food. Your meal looks delicious and I am going to try that cut of meat soon.

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