Tortilla Land Tortillas

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Tortilla Land Tortillas

About ten days ago, I received a case of tortillas from Tortilla Land on my front steps. They were packed in ice and required immediate refrigeration because they are uncooked and have no preservatives. They are made with canola oil, have no trans fats and no cholesterol. And, I had great plans to deliver a stunning and colorful post showing them off to their best. But, I got sick and I mean sick enough to not be able to carry out my intentions.

But stay put, because the l beauty of these tortillas lies in their simplicity. To be real with you, we have eaten them every day, in the simplest of grab and go ways. Maybe not blog worthy in beautiful photograph, mouth watering ways, but worthy still.

What makes this remarkable for me is that I’m not exactly a tortilla person. But, these have changed my mind. I don’t like the typical store bought tortilla. They are usually gummy and the texture is worse, once microwaved. But, when you take an uncooked tortilla and allow it to grill on a griddle, you have a different taste, texture, smell and flavor. We will never want to eat any other kind of tortilla again, and we have not limited it’s use to latin or Mexican flavors. I have only tried the flour tortillas, but they do make multi-grain and corn, suitable for any type of burrito, fajita, or taco.

Notice how they puff up when cooked. They are light, airy and have chewy, but not gummy texture. I have made my own tortillas, but these are better. They capture the perfect balance of flavor and texture.

We ate them in every way you could eat them. Just throw on a cast iron griddle or non-stick pan, (no fat necessary) and cook for 30 seconds on each side. What could be easier?

They took me back to the days of California cuisine where restaurants made their own, threw them on the grill and served with a honey butter.

Suddenly breakfast was more exciting than ever. Scramble eggs, add sauteed sliced green onion, a sprinkling of cheese and even the pickiest pre-schoolers will eat. Just fold up like a burrito, throw back in pan for a few seconds on each side. Add avocado, hot sauce, bacon, potatoes, or just keep it simple. The tortillas are a star in their own right.

And then we discovered our most favorite way to stuff these most delicious tortillas. Smoked brisket. In all honesty, we got hooked on the brisket on the hot bar at Whole Foods and would run over there just for a plate of it, and dash back home to make our dinner. We added in a locally jarred hot slaw, which if you have never had, just think crunchy and HOT! And, don’t be afraid to stuff in left overs. Last night we ate a delicious trout with peanuts, parsley and bread crumbs at an Italian restaurant. The left overs came home and went into a grilled tortilla with mache, hot chili pepper, lemon and olive oil.

As I didn’t get the post I wanted ready for today, (due to illness), I scoured the web for some posts that I thought would work well with the tortillas.

Some of the ways I’ve used these tortillas:

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