Delta Gold Kitchen Faucet, Chic and Super Functional

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Gold Kitchen Faucet
Delta Trinsic Faucet in Champagne Bronze

Unlike the commercial on television that begins with a faucet to design a home, I designed a kitchen and then searched for the best kitchen faucet that would be the finishing touch.

I thought the faucet we had was just fine and would work, except it had a problem. It leaked, so I replaced it with the exact same faucet. Then I had a second problem. It didn’t quite have the style and weight our massive new Krauss sink deserved, not did it complement our amazing marble counter tops.

I went to the big box hardware stores and two upscale kitchen stores in search of “the one.” I kept hearing the same words over and over again from plumbers and friends. This is what they all said.

Choose Delta. Delta is the best made faucet. Delta stands behind it’s products.

I started taking a second look. I contacted Delta and asked them if they would be willing to allow me to review one of their kitchen faucets. I told my husband “if we don’t like it, we can always put the other brand back on.

Delta agreed and asked me to choose. After two grueling weeks of looking at their many many faucets, I chose one that had a similar style to what we already had, but it had the most magnificent feature.

I chose the Gold Kitchen Faucet

It was gold. Actually they call this champagne bronze. This brass fixture would match our brass pulls.


You might be thinking that brass is old fashioned, but actually, it’s made a comeback in a new fresh and modern way.

I chose the Delta Trinsic Single Handle Pull down in champagne Bronze and the matching soap dispenser. 

I designed our new kitchen to have clean lines, but classic, almost French in appeal. We painted an art deco buffet that came from France. We chose carrara marble everywhere. We painted our cabinets white on top and gray on the bottom. We found these gorgeous brass pulls from Lew’s Hardware .

Lewis Dolan Brushed Brass

I found this sign that brought more gold into the kitchen.Love Sign

  • I asked  facebook and my designer friends to back up my “gold” kitchen faucet choice. They did.
  • Here’s the best part. When it arrived in the box,  it blew me away.
  • How excited can one get about a kitchen faucet?
  • Well if you’re a food blogger and at the kitchen sink all day every day, very excited.
  • It is bigger and so much more substantial than what we had.
  • The water pressure is twice what we had with our former faucet.
  • The look is chic, classic, grown up and stunning.

If you’re looking for a gold kitchen faucet, order this. It’s gorgeous.

This model also comes with the touch sensor. After I ordered this, I went to the Parade of Homes, and they had a Delta with the touch sensor, which is just extra fabulous.

The pull out spray works well. It has a button on the front that allows you to change from spray to stream without having to turn the water off.

Delta Gold Kitchen Faucet Spray

I am planning to show you a kitchen tour and eventually a tour of our downstairs, which we refreshed this year with new paint and furniture. You can read more about our marble counters here. Perhaps I’m working a bit backwards, but please take a second to subscribe, so you will see everything.

When I was designing my kitchen, I used Pinterest for inspiration. Where do you get your inspiration?

This is a product review. I approached Delta and I chose the faucet. I would never recommend a product I didn’t fully believe in. Affiliate links are included.

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  1. Just wondering if you think that the Delta champagne bronze matches the brushed brass Lew Dolan hardware. I have both side by side and am about to install in my new kitchen but am worried that they will clash. Would love to hear what you think

    1. That’s what we have and it flows beautifully. Side by side, not an exact match, but when installed it still works together. Had this for four years. We love the Lew Dolan hardware too.

  2. Did you choose the coordinating bronze drain accessories of did you stick with the stainless for the bottom of the sink? I am in this current dilema!

  3. Hi Angela!

    The kitchen looks gorgeous. I’m waiting on my own champagne bronze Delta trinsic faucet and I came across your site while looking for brass hardware to match. I noticed that your faucet doesn’t have the little black rubber gasket between it and the countertop. This obviously looks much cleaner, but is there any risk to not including that gasket? I assumed it would help prevent leaks/the faucet from moving around. Did your plumber approve this?

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  5. How did you find the actual tap for turning the water off/on; also the switch between the spray/stream? I saw one at Home Depot and it seemed slightly cheap? Just wondering how you’re finding the quality of the faucet.

  6. How has your Kraus sink held up? I have seen some reviews that is rusts pretty quickly but it seems to have checked all the boxes on what a stainless sink should have…thanks!

  7. Your faucet looks great in the photos! Just curious if in certain lighting it looks more boring brown than beautiful gold? Just got a bunch of fixtures in Champagne Bronze and wow, this finish is incredibly finicky. In some lighting it looks great, in others, not so much. Not sure if I should go ahead and install and then address the lighting (my bathrooms have pretty ‘meh’ lighting and minimal natural light)

  8. I bought this look for my bathroom…quick question, how well does the gold handles you picked match up to the Delta Faucet? I love the handles too!

    1. The gold handles don’t match exactly; however, it all works together really well.
      I was concerned about that, but it’s not an issue at all.
      I LOVE it still every day

  9. The white crown looks great against the light blue walls. Great choice Ammo. Keep up the good work. Let me know how the window trim comes out. It looks like it’s gonna be a bit tight in this picture.

      1. The hardware you purchased – does it match very well with the Champagne Bronze finish on the Trinsic? I have the same faucet, white cabinets and struggling to find the right hardware…I have numerous options but purchasing online is scary to think it may not match!

        1. Thanks for your reply, Angela! You note on your pic the Lewis Dolin but when I click on the link you provide for hardware, it takes me to Amazon and the listing says: ” #1500-224 CKP Brand Hampton Collection Bar Pull, Amber Gold”. Can you tell me exactly which you ordered? Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

          1. Hey there, Denvey.

            I asked the same question. What did you wind up doing? Any insight is appreciated!


          2. I am sorry I never saw this. It is the most similar to what I have that I could find on Amazon.You can google Lew Dolan Hardware and order from various companies. At the time I ordered, they were the only company with the brass bars I was looking for. Now there are a lot of choices.

        2. Hello, I came across this lost while searching our Pinterest and I’m interested to know which pulls you ended up choosing for your kitchen and if you are happy with them. I have the same dilemma right now, with trying to match delta Trinsic champagne bronze. Thanks!

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