Cutest Birthday Party Decoration Made with Cupcake Liners

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This is too cute not to share.  There were two birthday celebrations Easter weekend, and a hope for Spring weather (which still hasn’t quite cooperated.) The house needed serious cheering up as Nashville got confused and was giving us winter weather.

I just happened to have all of these cupcake liners of various sizes and some lime green ribbon sitting in the Easter decorations basket. This is so easy that five year old boys can do it all by themselves.  We had no real plan, no perfectl system, except to simply cut a small hole (small) by folding each liner in half and giving a tiny snip and then stringing with whatever liner we grabbed. I think we did an outstanding job.

The best news of all is that I will be able to cut them down and save them for the next birthday party.

Cutest Birthday decoration made with cupcake liners by Angela Roberts

Birthday Party Decorations with Cupcake Liners Cutest birthday decorations made with cupcake liners by Angela Roberts

Just make sure before you start stringing them to tie a bow for the bottom so they don’t slip out.

Cutest Valentine's Decorations made with cupcake liners by Angela Roberts

Birthdays are big around here. There is always homemade cake as seen here, here, here and here for past birthdays. But we all agreed that we loved these chocolate cupcakes the most.

So tell me, do you go all out and decorate the house for birthdays?

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  1. Yes, yes and yes.. we love to decorate for birthdays. My little ones are 9 and 3 so I love to celebrate their birthdays! My daughter starts planning her birthday bash almost immediately after her party ends. Because both her birthday and my birthday fall just a few days after Christmas, I love to make it special for her so that she doesn’t feel as if she’s lost in the midst of all the Christmas glory!
    I love this idea.. it is way too cute and will be used soon!

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