Biscuit Love Restaurant in the Gulch, Nashville

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Biscuit Love Brunch in Nashville

I feel especially proud of the Biscuit Love Restaurant, located in the Gulch, a cool renovated urban area of Nashville.

Once a food truck, Biscuit Love is now located in a smartly decorated building, successfully attracting large lines out the door and down the street, reminiscent of another breakfast place in town that serves pancakes. A mixture of local urbanites and tourists, Biscuit Love is there to bring a bit of modern day comfort food to the hungry and the hung over.

It was only three years ago when I first tasted biscuits and gravy at a food event and fell in biscuit love. The Biscuit Love Food Truck was only six weeks old and  I told Karl Worley then that he and is wife Sarah were going to be a big success.

The biscuits and gravy were traditional and comforting, and it was the first time I ever liked sausage gravy. A few weeks later, we hunted down the Biscuit Love truck and discovered that Karl had a good sense of humor and a talent for combining biscuits with non-traditional ingredients in the most whimsical way. Doug can’t get enough of the Gertie, a biscuit with chocolate gravy, peanut butter and caramelized banana jam with a pretzel crunch. It’s still on the menu and it’s an all out winner.

We visited often over the years as we watched his business transform from a borrowed truck to a silver bullet and now brick and mortar.

The line was long, but moved very quickly. Retro Rose (my mom) is 80 and went inside and was accommodated with fresh water and a chair so she wouldn’t have to stand in line in the 90 plus degrees. As we moved through the line, we were given menus. Ordering takes place at the counter and you’re given a number for your table.

The restaurant is styled very beautifully, with large ceilings, a chic industrial feel with warm wooden shelves and tables to cozy it up. My only complaint is the lighting, which is a bit depressing and doesn’t show off the design or the food very well. There is spacious outside patio that is just lovely, nestled between tall condo buildings.

The classics we’ve come to love on the Biscuit Love truck remain on the menu, but now there is so much more.

Before I tell you what we had, I want to say congratulations as Bon Appétit named the East Nasty  (the fried chicken on a biscuit with gravy) the best sandwich in america.

There are cocktails, beer, and wine for the brunch crowd, and espresso, cappuccino and lattes for us coffee lovers. The wine is from a Tennessee winery, Reedy Creek Vineyards and Cellars, and I like intentional local offerings.

I’ve only had breakfast items in the past, so I ordered the Wash Park Burger, even though it was still technically breakfast time. It’s a beef burger with pimento cheese and bacon jam, served on a biscuit. Quite good, filling and a great flavor combo. I’ve made my own burger biscuit with bacon jam in the past with a smidgen of peanut butter, and if you’re not local and can’t get to Biscuit Love, you might consider trying this recipe.

Doug had Blacklock Hash, a fantastic medley of Alma’s skillet potatoes, smoked sausage, peppers, onions and eggs. We would both stand in line to go back for that dish. I lean toward savory food, so this will be my choice on my next visit, but with sunny side up eggs.

Medley at Biscuit Love Brunch

The biscuits and gravy is just as good as that day three years when we met Karl.

The  shaved brussels sprouts salad with hazelnuts, parmesan and lemon vinaigrette was a fight for the last bite good. You can also order this as an entree with a sunny side egg, called the Lindstrom, which is very similar to something I’ve made here.

John’s Ham Bar includes apple butter, beaten biscuits, house mustard and sample of four regional hams, which is a pretty cool offering for those who love their country ham and charcuterie.  (Picture from Biscuit Love).

Retro Rose, who doesn’t quite understand fancy, modern biscuit restaurants, stuck to simple scrambled eggs with bacon, grits and a biscuit. She wasn’t happy with the bacon because it was very salty. The manager told her the next time she could order a different bacon, but I don’t see any different bacon on the menu. Since Retro Rose is 80 years old, and quite the dining out queen, she felt a little miffed at that, and I have to agree with her. The bacon was way too salty, and probably the customer should be warned. I was disappointed for her, and wish they would have tried to make it up to her. She felt that the manager heard that she couldn’t eat the bacon and basically told her she didn’t order right.

Bacon Eggs at Biscuit Love

To calm Retro Rose down and have her leave on a happier note, we ordered Bonuts for dessert. Bonuts are fried, biscuit dough, which come with lemon mascarpone and blueberry compote. She loved them, because she’s a donut girl. The Manager was nice enough to take our donut order and bring us a second check. I was fine with that, but Retro Rose felt she should have been compensated in some way for that bacon. I still understand what she’s saying. For her, it’s the difference in returning. For me, I’m still a Biscuit Love fan and I’ll be going back.

Some of my favorites from the past are written here on the food truck post, and are still available in the restaurant.

I wish Biscuit Love much love and success in this venture.

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Location: 316 11th Avenue South (in the Gulch) Nashville

Hours: 7:00 a.m – 3:00 p.m. daily



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