The Biscuit Love Truck in Nashville

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Can I brag for a moment about Nashville?

I have been to two street food festivals in San Francisco with foodbuzz. I know what fantastic street food is and I’m just going to say it.

Nashville is on par with the west coast street food scene.  After eating from about 40 different food trucks in San Francisco, I can easily say that we can be very proud of what is happening with our food truck explosion.

The Biscuit Love Truck  is one of the new guys in town and one of my new favorites, representing the flavors of Nashville in such a way as to turn all of us transplants into lovers of  southern cuisine.

Chef Karl Worley went to culinary school but didn’t discover a way to fully showcase his amazing talent until about six weeks ago. He was up and running only two weeks when  I  popped one of his sausage biscuits into my mouth at the Generous Helpings food event. I was converted on the spot to eating something I haven’t much cared for in the past.

I’m especially not a big biscuit sausage and gravy girl.  The Biscuit Love Truck changed my mind,  because now I get it. I get why people will talk about southern food with starry eyes and memories of sitting in the country kitchen filling their belly with meemaw’s biscuits and gravy. I get it and I want it.

Obviously the Biscuit Love Truck can make a great biscuit. He has a few baking secrets that I long to discover.  Along with love, there is a science to making biscuits, and Karl was greatly influenced by a scientist turned baker,  Shirley O’Corriher, who authored Bakewise, a new book on my wishlist.

Biscuit Love Truck in Nashville from Angela Roberts

I was able to actually experience food from the Biscuit Love Truck  again at the Franklin Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  It was 9:00 in the morning so we only chose one item.  Karl’s wife, Sarah, smart girl that she is, threw in a helping of Princess Chicken, which is hot chicken and biscuits just for me.

I thought I would do the “one bite” thing like I often do, but we fought over it. The heat is spicy when it hits your mouth, but settles down fast so you can take another bite. That is the perfect way to infuse heat into food. I have never had hot chicken, but if this is what hot chicken is, then I want it every day, but only if I can accompany it with that bite of biscuit. We also had the Gertie, a biscuit topped with crushed pretzels, peanut butter, caramelized banana jam and chocolate gravy, which is more for Mr. ST than me, but truly amazing.

The truck uses  many local ingredients  including chocolate from Nashville’s own Olive and Sinclair and Kenny’s Farmhouse cheese.

Biscuit Love Truck in Nashville from Angela Roberts
Gertie and Princess

The food is great for those who’ve grown up eating southern food and for those who have yet to experience what biscuit love means. They are genuinely nice people and it’s a pleasure to walk up to the truck and try to decide what heavenly biscuit treat to eat. If I have to run all the way to the market to burn off the calories first, I’m going to do it.

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Love the Biscuit Love Truck and eat there.

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  2. First of all, I just love the name even though biscuit here means cookie but once I started reading, I realised of course that you have a different meaning. I’ve only tried biscuits and gravy once and it was really interesting. I think the “Princess” sounds delicious 🙂

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