The Tavern in Nashville

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The Tavern Nashville by Angela Roberts

The Tavern, located  in midtown Nashville, has everything going for it, starting with a warm welcome, good eats and hospitable service from beginning to end. It’s exactly what it’s name declares, a tavern with the comforting favorites like burgers and five kinds of french fries to non-traditional bar food such as lobster sliders and  several choices under the section of the menu called “the Skinny.” There are four menus, lunch, dinner, brunch and late night served from 11:00 to 1:00 a.m

Handsome big screen TV’s for sports viewing adorn a contemporary decor, including a beautiful urban faux finish that as a former faux artist, I had to take some time to admire.

Our first impression at the table was the server, who took her time on a busy Saturday night to tell us about the menu and all her favorite choices. We saw the famous burger at the table next to us, which was enthusiastically recommended,  but we were in the mood for lighter fare.

Lobster Sliders at the Tavern in Nashville by Angela Roberts

We shared the Lobster Sliders, the Tuscan Kale Salad and the Tennessee Sweet Potato Fries. Sitting out on the patio seemed to bring the friendly out in people, as we made friends with both couples to either side of us, which is great for me because I can get their input on the food (and pictures too). The corn-meal fried organic catfish and chips looked crispy and delicious. We took this picture of this couple from out of town, who was quite enjoying their meal and invited us to visit them if we get to Chicago.

The winning dish of the night was the Tuscan kale salad. It’s perfectly balanced with lots of lemon and toasted almonds. I was so impressed, I went home and made my own version here.

Kale Salad at the Tavern by Angela Roberts

We returned to the Tavern a few weeks later because I just had to try the burger. It’s worth the price, made of freshly ground rib eye and filet, from one of several local farmers. The meat is never frozen. The portion is huge. This has to be my favorite burger in Nashville so far. They do everything right.


Cheeseburger from the Tavern in Nashville by Angela Roberts

The bun is the right size, and toasted just right. There is almost more meat than bread and that’s unusual.

We chose the local  cheddar cheese and they made sure there was enough cheese for a burger of this size. The server recommended the Tuscan fries with Parmesan which were good, but I think I might have also enjoyed the Belgian fries with aoli just to have something to dip into.

The Tennessee Fries ( sweet potatoes fries, made with brown sugar), were a favorite and a must try.

We also ordered the short rib Korean tacos, which were not too sweet, but sweet enough to balance some heat and the meat was very tender.

This time I had the salad of little gems, which was red pear with fresh ricotta cheese, cranberry and toasted almonds. It was near perfect, as I would have liked a touch more vinegar.

They have a fun cocktail menu, but I opted for the Sangria which they serve at their famous Saturday and Sunday Brunch. It was refreshing and delicious.

This is a view of the Patio. That’s me in the hat, trying to see if I can get some feedback. So far, I haven’t met an unhappy customer.

I would go back again and again to eat that burger, but my next trip to the Tavern will be for the brunch, which is served Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

1904 Broadway
Nashville TN 37203

Saturday & Sunday – opens 10am
Weekdays – opens 11am

Info 615.320.8580

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  1. The breakfast is amazing. I really liked the white trash hash. Would love to go back for brunch, but it’s a little too far from Halifax, NS. It was great to meet you.

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