Podcast Interview of Nashville Local Restaurant Scene

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If you live here in the Nashville area or you are planning to visit, this podcast interview may be of special interest. I know when I plan a trip, the first thing I do is plan it around food, making sure I find out where the best locally owned restaurants are. I like to know where I can walk around, get a coffee, taste something regional, and not miss the places that truly represent the cuisine of the area.

Back in May, Seth Resler of  Find Dining Podcast interviewed me. Seth’s podcast features a different city every week from somewhere around the world as he finds out where the locals eat, by interviewing  bloggers, chefs, or food writers.

We have a burgeoning food scene that foodies can be proud of, as many wonderful local, chef-driven restaurants have taken root here. It was an honor to be the first to represent Nashville, and I tried my best to mention as much as I could.

If you plan on visiting Nashville anytime soon, this is well worth listening to.

Mystery Meet Podcast Guest

I was asked to talk about where the locals go to eat, the chefs on the rise, food trends,  the various neighborhoods worthy of mention for their eateries and then I focused on one of my favorite restaurants. I talked at length about the Silly Goose, even to the point of what I would recommend ordering. One of the fun parts of the interview was giving Seth a trivia question which involved food and Nashville. I wonder if you would guess the answer.

At the end of the interview we did a section called Frying Pan into the Fire, where Seth asked me some rapid fire questions such as where to eat with a view, where to get the burger and where to eat late at night.

I haven’t eaten everywhere, and I’m sure I’ve missed mentioning a few of your favorite places. Please feel free to tell me what I’ve missed in the interview.

By the way, if you think you know your city’s food scene let me know and I’ll recommend you for an interview. As Seth says, “it’s the podcast for foodies who love to travel and travelers who love food.”

You can read all about my Nashville area restaurant reviews here. Stay tuned for a very detailed review of Husk Nashville.

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