Best Shrimp and Grits in Nashville

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I love shrimp and grits and if it’s on the menu, I’m most likely going to order it. It’s my favorite Southern dish.

When Taste Trekkers asked me to write something about food in Nashville, I was excited. They are the same folks who interviewed me for this podcast on the restaurant scene in Nashville last year.

I was allowed to come up with any top five anything regarding food in Nashville. It only took me about a minute to think top five shrimp and grits.

I had a criteria. The shrimp had to be fresh and a good size. The grits had to be creamy and there had to be a spicy kick to the bite. When I dug into the bowl, the presentation would have to lure me in and the flavors and textures would have to seduce me back quickly. At the same time I would want to savor each bite, because I would want it to last.

Just thinking about this takes me easily to one of the memories of one of the places on my list where my husband and I fought over that last bite. It’s his favorite shrimp and grits in the city. I’ll give you a hint. The restaurant is in Germantown and it’s on the list.

After I wrote about the five best shrimp and grits dishes, I realized I needed to mention more. I gave honorable mention to Midtown Cafe and Pucketts, wishing they could have made the list.

However, there were still two more places I thought deserved consideration/

Technically, they weren’t really shrimp and grits.

But, they were so good they inspired me to get in the kitchen and try to make the dishes. I was fairly successful with the Southern’s Fish and Sweet Potato Grits, which I made here and Frothy Monkey’s Shrimp and Barley Grits which I made here. (not really grits, but a creative and inspirational take).

Fish and Sweet Potato Grits by Angela Roberts

Go take a look at my list. Let me know what you think? And, please let me know who I didn’t mention that I should have. It’s probably somewhere I need to go eat and then give them a nice big shout out.





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  1. Angela, I too love Shrimp and Grits…especially the grits part. These are both great places to sample this truly classic Southern fare…each one having a “Twist” on the classic. Great photos.

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