Crushing on Nashville Pizza

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Crushing on Nashville Pizza

Crushing on Nashville PIzza from Spinach Tiger

Let’s be honest about America’s favorite food. Pizza. Everyone likes something different. We had a chance to eat pizza all over Italy and it was this kind of crust and balance of toppings that won our heart and is our standard for a good pizza.

Pizza can broken down into four main categories. Deep Dish, Neopolitan (thin crust), New York Style and the fourth is the pizza I can’t talk about. It’s the kind that rides in a delivery truck or is so doughy and gooey that I can’t call it pizza.

Our favorite is the Neopolitan pizza, that is thin, and baked in a very hot pizza oven, where the crust gets blistery and the ingredients are dispersed with balance so the last bite is just as enjoyable as the first bite.

These are our favorites, but we would love to hear your favorites.

Currently we are crushing on Nashville pizza at these places.

Pastaria – The oven is 1000 degrees on the top and 800 degrees on the bottom. This means the pizza takes just a minute or two to bake. The crust has the snap and the chew that makes a good crust and their toppings are varied and authentic. The best place to eat pizza is to sit at the pizza bar and watch them make pizza after pizza.  They also serve full dinners, including homemade pasta.

Crushing on Nashville Pizza: Pastaria Pizza from Spinach Tiger

Desano’s – Every thing comes from Italy, the flour, the water, and the technique.  This is a very casual pizza joint that does a lot of take-out and has established toppings that you can’t change. Most Nashvillians polled would probably name this as their favorite.

Crushing on Nashville Pizza : Desanos Pizza from Spinach Tiger

Bella Nashville Pizza at the Nashville Farmer’s Market – I have distinct memories of a bacon and beet pizza, but Doug would always order the sausage broccoli rabe if they have it. They know how to bread and pizza very well.  I wrote more about them here. 

Crushing on Nashville Pizza: Bella PIzza from Spinach tiger

Bella Pizza from Spinach Tiger

Night Train Pizza  (Gulch)- While I love their gluten free pizza, I’m very impressed with their salad and their meatballs. My favorite pizza has prosciutto.

Crushing on Nashville PIzza: Night Train Pizza from Spinach Tiger

City House – Germantown

While not really a pizza restaurant, this James Beard award winning neighborhood Italian restaurant has a pizza the natives have been talking about since opening day. The belly ham pizza is only made better when you ask for an egg to top it.

 City House: Crushing on Nashville PIzza from Spinach Tiger

Mangia is the only restaurant in Nashville that has an black carbon pizza crust option.

Crushing on Nashville PIzza: Mangia Pizza from Spinach Tiger


Crushing on Nashville Pizza: Gluten Free Options

Italia in East Nashville is a full service pizza restaurant with vegan and gluten free options. I haven’t eaten there, but it has been recommended to me several times. I’ll go and let you know.

Blaze Pizza is a chain, but a favorite and has a decent gluten free pizza. You go through a line and pick your own ingredients.  Of these types of pizza places, we think this is the best.

Mangia Italian Restaurant has a gluten free pizza option.

My personal favorite gluten free pizza to date is mentioned above (Night Train Pizza).

I would love to hear from Nashville. Where are your favorite Nashville pizza places?

Crushing on Nashville


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  1. We made veggie pizza last night with spinach, tomato, pineapple, zucchini, mozzarella and sauce. It was a good combination. This time I did it in a pizza pan. You won’t want to step away because it cooks fast. It will take about 5 minutes depending on your grill heat.

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