Jeff Ruby’s Nashville, a Premier Steakhouse

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Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse Wagyu from Spinach Tiger

If you’re looking for an upscale steak house that satisfies the 2016 vibe and the 1976 vibe, Jeff Ruby’s is your place. I also need to say, I didn’t have a full dinner, not yet. I did have an over the top amazing array of appetizers and cocktails as Jeff Ruby’s introduced a few Nashville bloggers to their gorgeous restaurant and even more gorgeous cuisine.

I’m always a bit hesitant to write about restaurants that are not home grown in Music City. However, Jeff Ruby (a real person) has brought his personal expertise from Cincinnati where he first opened The Precinct back in 80’s, and continue to add restaurants, which now include Carlo & Johnny and three Jeff Ruby Steakhouses. The company has brought the best quality steak and seafood, their whimsical decor from the 1920’s and merged with the best of Nashville, including using some local products, and memorabilia from Nashville’s Music History.

We were treated to a raw seafood bar, wagyu steak, sushi with shrimp and with filet mignon, and two incredible desserts.

I’m here only to tell you this was a great start, an amazing start in getting to know the Jeff Ruby Culinary company, famous in Cincinnati and soon to be famous here in Nashville as a premier steakhouse.

The Vibe at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse a Downtown Nashville Restaurant

There’s something about old school glamour and fuss that always wins me over. I enjoy a  big night in a big way with big food that makes me put on a dress and get out the big hair, hairspray? I love glamour and you know you do too. Jeff Ruby’s is a chic, yet approachable steakhouse that will appeal to both men and women.

The bar is stunning, as are the light fixtures.

Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse from Spinach Tiger

The decor is vintage art deco and every little detail is thought out and amusing. Go into the men’s room to see what I mean. Oh wait, I did it for you.

The chairs and deep pumpkin colored booths are comfortable. It doesn’t look like there’s a bad table in the room, but it’s one of those kind of restaurants where certain celebs  (or Godfather types) could have “their table” if you know what I mean. If you’re really into your privacy, there are a few good options, the Speakeasy Room, the Jeff Ruby Room and the Music City Room. Much of the furnishings in these private rooms are carefully curated antiques.

Jeff Ruby's Decor by Spinach TIger

The Cocktails at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

We love our whiskey in Music City, and that’s how we tend to start a night. Just go ahead and order the Orange You Glad. They use local Bang Candy’s smoked orange syrup. It’s exactly the kind of drink that warms my soul, speaks Nashville and speaks steakhouse. There are over 70 different whiskey and bourbons, and the wine cellar has over 500 bottles of wine,

Cocktails at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse by Spinach Tiger
Orange You Glad. Old Hickory, Bang Candy Smoked Orange Syrup, Averna Liqueur, Regan’s Orange Bitters

The Raw Bar at Jeff Ruby’s Nashville

Seafood is served within two days of being caught. The crab legs come from Alaska and are flown in daily, which explains the $21 per leg price. However, the legs are huge, and the best crab legs I’ve ever eaten in my life. I hate exaggerations, and if you don’t experience the same thing, you let me know. I ate one shrimp and one crab leg and felt full. That didn’t stop me from eating the sweet oysters or the sushi.

Raw Seafood Bar at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse Nashville from Spinach TIger

The Sushi at Jeff Ruby’s Nashville

The Godfather Roll has tempura lobster, asparagus, avocado, seared filet mignon, spicy mayo, eel sauce and tempura crnch.

The Music City Roll has shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, tuna, eel sauce, tempura crunch, Japanese Mayo, Masago, Furikaki and scallion.

These are the kind of sushi rolls that make sense in a high-end steakhouse, and are a wonderful item for the table to share.

Jeff Ruby's Sushi by Spinach Tiger

The Wagyu Tataki at Jeff Ruby’s Nashville

The Japanese Wagtu tataki is a real treat of the best beef tenderloin with yuzu ponzu and radish sesame seaweed salad that is a knockout punch.

Jeff Ruby's Wagyu

Desserts at Jeff Ruby’s Nashville

While I’m not the biggest dessert eater, don’t tell anyone I ate three of these sample sizes of the chocolate mousse cake.


The Steaks at Jeff Ruby’s Nashville

I can tell you wagyu was amazing, but I’ll have to come back to tell you about the entree steaks as soon as I can. I already know what I want to order, if someone will share the hatchet with me, and a side of Anna Potatoes, with red wine.

Private Rooms at Jeff Ruby’s Nashville

This is the Jeff Ruby room. It’s the kind of room where you expect Michael Corleone (the Godfather) to walk in the door.

Jeff Rubys Steakhouse Private Room Nashville

When you walk back toward the restrooms, you will find a shoe shine stand. Now that’s old school.


The Restrooms are Vintage 1920’s at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

Try to see both men’s and women’s if you can. I actually heard a complaint about these  awesome bathrooms, in reference to gender neutral bathrooms. SHUT UP! If you’re a guy and you can’t handle boobs and a barber shop theme, no problem, go pee in the ladies room. The girls won’t mind because the stalls are private and each has its own sink. First world problems, my friends!

Bathrooms at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse

Complimentary Valet Parking is available, but if you’re treating yourself, take an uber and drink freely.

A cigar smoking area is available on the patio.

Jeff Ruby’s is a good addition as a downtown Nashville restaurant. It’s a high-end special occasion place, but they will certainly welcome you to come and sit at the bar and enjoy a cocktail and the view.

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