Pears with Roquefort Appetizer

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Pear BLue Cheese Appetizer

Blue cheese. People either love it or hate it. I’m in the love it category, enjoying it since childhood. It’s one of those exotic cheeses that seems to go in and out of fashion in America but I’ve seen more and more restaurants incorporating blue cheese into their savory dishes and lighting the taste buds back up for this very flavorful, tangy salty selection.

My favorite way though to eat Roquefort is on a cheese plate with some fruit. The salty tangy creaminess is balanced well against pears and apples. This is a very simple, clean little nibble that will happily start any dinner party or join a parade of party food. This  can also double for a dessert and is especially festive at the holidays. In one rendition I candied the walnuts and even sprinkled some gingerbread crumbs.

Roquefort is like champagne; it has a protected designation of origin and by European law only bears the name when aged  in the natural Combalou caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. France has Roquefort; Italy has Gorgonzola, both very loved and popular blue cheeses, but there is another distinction aside from geography. Roquefort is a raw sheep’s milk cheese and Gorgonzola comes from cow’s milk.  I have a big love for sheep’s milk cheese so I’m more likely to choose Roquefort whenever I want blue cheese. This particular selection from Ile de France is outstanding. You can see details for their generous give away below. Although I was sent this cheese complimentary, I only agreed to write about it if it was something I truly love.  If you read the history of Ile de France cheese, you will find out some fascinating cheese facts. They were the first company to import Brie cheese to America in 1936 and that was one happy day as far as I’m concerned.

Roquefort is a beautiful cheese with gorgeous blue color. Very tangy and salty. A little goes a long way, which is exactly what I want in a party food or a dessert.

Pear Blue Cheese Appetizer

The balancing act here is the sweetness of the pear or apple and the crunchy texture of the walnut with that special note of Roquefort. It’s not just a beautiful tray to set out either before a meal, after a meal or at party. It is a special taste of flavors.


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Pears with Roquefort and Ile de France Give Away

A great way to use blue cheese and pears, for appetizer or a fruit and cheee dessert course.
Servings: 6


  • 2 Pears sliced thin-to medium (can also use apples or a combination)
  • squeeze of lemon over each pear or apple slice
  • Roquefort Cheese 1 teaspoon per pear slice
  • Walnuts toasted (one half per slice)
  • Pomegranate arils 2-3 per pear slice
  • Gingerbread crumbs
  • to sprinkle  optional


  • Prepare right before serving, Slice pears.
  • Squeeze lemon juice. top just the tip with cheese, walnut, pomegranate. If you want to have some fun, top with some crumbled gingerbread cookie.

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  1. I’m not a big fan of blue cheese but I like it when it paired with fruits and nuts! I like serving some honey or aged balsamic vinegar along with parmigiano reggiano.

  2. I love blue cheese too (though I was a bit of a late starter and didn’t really get the taste for it until my mid-20s). It’s such a natural partner with pears isn’t it … I often make a warm salad of spinach, bacon, roasted pears, and blue cheese. I love this presentation – especially love the inclusion of the pomegranate.

  3. Following IDF Cheese on twitter. Tried to tweet them, to let them know I’m there via you, no idea if I succeeded, LOL.

  4. These look so cute and elegant! I just can’t figure out why I can’t eat blue cheese! Something about the taste of it doesn’t sit right with me, but god whenever I see recipes like this, I really wish I would love it. Maybe I will one day, right?

  5. What a wonderfully simple app for the holidays…Ile De France Blue with fresh pear slices and pom seeds….perfect. I love blue cheese and have a recipe for a simple savory cheesecake using blue cheese as an ingredient topped with caramelized apple slices…..Yum.

  6. Angela, I was trying to resist the calories, but you wore me down with all the photos and info on FB! Now I have to get some Roquefort and maybe some gorgonzola for a taste test. I did not know one was sheep and one was cow. I think I would like it with pears, pecans praline and maybe a glass of port on the side. Ok, definitely a glass of port on the side 🙂

  7. Roquefort is a sure favorite at our house. 5 Star Foodie Junior always loved blue cheese since she was tiny. Perfect with pears of course!

  8. If I won, I would have friends over and serve it up with some mixed nuts and wine 🙂 or crumble it (depending on the cheese, some are too delicious and deserve to be devoured as a stand-alone item) into a salad…. with nuts and wine ;D

  9. Hmmm! Cheese…Roquefort…mmmm! Roquefort with apples, especially sweet ones to offset the saltiness of the cheese…Love the way you combined with pears! Toss in a wedge of brie for contrast, and maybe havarti as well. Crusty breads…maybe the ciabatta that’s rising… Cheese…is the BEST!

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