Crushing on the Nashville Underground, Broadway’s Highest Roof Top Bar and Coldest Beer

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Crushing on Nashville Underground Nashville Roof Top Bar 

This is written from very good first impressions at an influencer’s dinner on the rooftop of the Nashville Underground. I was already a big fan of the original National Underground and wrote about it years ago.

The word “underground” is kind of funny because Nashville Underground is built way above ground, with two mind blowing roof top bars, boasting the tallest roof-top in the city, and I had the pleasure of sampling a lot of the food and the good vibe.

Roof Top at Nashville Underground from Spinach Tiger

Nashville Underground Roof Top Bar from Spinach TIger
Inside Roof Top Bar

Owners Joey and Gavin DeGraw, closed down the original National Underground’s 1600 square foot venue to give birth to a 13 million dollar renovation, adding floors, roof tops and even a separate roof top kitchen.

Sitting on historic broadway at 40,000 square feet, the Nashville Underground is the place to go for live music, special events, food, libations, dancing, and gazing down Broadway from two different rooftops.

The Rooftop at the Nashville Underground

This was the beautiful setting for the influencer dinner. I got to tag alone with Nashville Made. You’ll want to follow her instagram account to see more.

Nashville Underground Table Set at Roof Top from Spinach Tiger
Nashville Underground Table Set at Roof Top

The drinks are spot on, but the food is something to talk about, something to sing about and if you like, something to dance about.

All too often, roof top bars don’t put much effort into the food, because the view and the cocktails can easily satisfy. Executive Chef, Steve Petrie and Sous Chef Zach Sass have taken their roof top food seriously with no compromise. The rooftop bar has its own kitchen, so there is no waiting, and the food is approached as if this is the only thing happening in this massive venue.

Everyone was enjoying this take on a moscow mule.  They also serve the coldest beer in the city at 29 degrees.

Nashville Underground Cocktails

Bar Food is Tops at the Nashville Underground

We started with carpaccio, which I’m very picky about.  If they keep delivering carpaccio like this, it will be deemed best in the city.

Nashville Underground Roof Top- Carpaccio
Carpaccio, Thin-sliced beef, local greens, capers, parmesan with mustard aoili.

Not only was the tuna poke beautifully presented, it was so fresh, well-balanced and full of healthy fats, I was fighting for that last bite.

Nashville Underground Poke
Tuna Poke, ahi tuna, ginger, sesame seeds, avoado with fried wontons and wasabi peas

The crab is jumbo lump blue served with a spicy harissa cocktail sauce, and if you know anything about crab, this is as good as crab gets!

If these aren’t enough to satisfy your appetite, you can sink into their delicious steak tartare, a hand chopped filet mixed with smoked pepper aoili and capers served with a raw duck egg, local greens and grilled bread.

Crab at Nashville Underground
Jumbo lump crab, Steak Tartare

The Black Pepper shrimp with Fired Green Tomatoes not just tickled my fancy with a mix of Southern charm, the spices were spot on.

Fried Green tomatoes at Nashville Underground
Black Pepper Shrimp with Fried Green Tomatoes

We also had gorgonzola lamb chops with an almond mint pesto drizzle. There was not one chop left on the table.

Two flatbreads were served, Nashville Hot Chicken, and Margherita. You can also order hot chicken sliders. By this time, however, I was full and I don’t generally eat too many grains.

You can get Healthy, Low Carb Dishes on the Nashville Underground Roof  Top Bar

Where in the world do you ever see decadent, healthy culinary choices in a bar? While you can get all the “fried” you want, there are some exceptional healthy choices.

The good news for someone like me is that I was able to fill up on very healthy, grain free, high protein, low-carb dishes with the crab, carpaccio and poke.

I used to feel awkward pointing out the healthier dishes in restaurants, but I know there are folks looking for those and  I think chefs in today’s world serve the restaurants and customers well when they  make some intention to include some “lighter” items that fit these life style food trends. At any given time people are following a keto diet, a paleo diet, or a diabetic friendly diet and several of  dishes on the bar food menu fit these.

If you splurge though, there is an LED Video Dance Floor to burn it off!

Flatbread at Roof Top of Nashville Underground from Spinach Tiger
Margherita Flatbread

In case you don’t make it up to the roof top, the first floor is smoking hot handsome, with a separate menus for the first two floors (a little fancier, a lot more Southern,) featuring a variety of live music seven days a week.

When you do your “honky tonk” night stomping, this is one of your stops!

Nashville Underground First Floor Stage from Spinach Tiger
First Floor Stage, photo provided by Nashville Underground

Check out the Nashville Underground Menu and Hours at their Site. They are available for private events, (20 to 1500) or drop in for a good time to (in their words) drink, taste, see Nashville.

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Crushing on Nashville

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