Pistacia Vera, The Most Beautiful French Bakery Boutique, Columbus

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Pistacia Vera

Pistacia Vera  is the kind of pastry shop every city should have.  It’s beautiful with lots of attention to detail,  and a front case of gorgeous pastries, including 12 different macarons, all to be enjoyed with a gourmet coffee drink or tea. This was the best way to end that glorious food press tour for Experience Columbus, on a sweet, buttery note.

Opening it’s doors in August of 2004, it’s a family affair and a local business, located in the charming neighborhood of German Village in Columbus.  Brother and sister, Spencer Budros and Anne Fletcher have combined his culinary talent with her business sense to successfully own and operate a stellar dessert boutique that also serves breakfast.

I love to bake myself and  I look up to beautiful pastry kitchens with starry eyes.  I had just that experience when I had the pleasure to tour the kitchen.

The first thing I noticed was how pristine the kitchen was.  Spotless butcher block work tables, shiny oversized mixers, racks of pastries in preparation and gorgeous white rolling pins. The second thing I noticed was how I felt. Romance filled the air as lovely pastry chefs, whisked, rolled and worked with precision and confidence. Everything is handmade on premises.

It made me think of that scene in the movie, It’s Complicated.  Meryl Streep owns a bakery and  takes her date, Steve Martin,  here where she  just whips up fresh croissants on the spot,  and they have one of those Meryl Streep moments of flirty laughter at the dough machine. I wanted to be there in that kitchen with my hands in that dough, and when the movie was over, run to a French pastry shop.

Everything in the back of the house is pristine. I want a white rolling pin.

While the french pastries will steal anyone’s heart, the breakfasts they serve should not be missed. Here one of the pastry chefs is plating breakfast.

If I’m going to get to see a pastry chef in action, let her be making something with a whisk and chocolate. Each pastry chef is dedicated to Pistacia Vera, knowing how to prepare food in any part of the kitchen. They move with grace, not machine like, but with artistic, skillful application. They produce food and pastry that seduces  the senses, the eyes, the taste buds and then deposits it into memory, so their customers will want to return.

Did I mention the small, charming, beautiful atmosphere?

Passion fruit macarons in progress. They have twelve different flavors including pistachio, pink guava yuzu  and cocoa truffle, all gluten free.

The kitchen setting is more than a bit romantic, when there are windows like this to peer out from onto handsome brick.

In the front of the house, the pastry is stunning. There are gluten free choices available as well.


While the pastries are as good as the pictures portray, Pistacia Vera drums up a few savory dishes that make them a “go to” breakfast spot. The food  is contemporary yet traditional,  hearty, yet light, just as good food should be.

Spinach Quiche,  house made pâte brisée. served with fresh green salad.

Premium smoked salmon with creme fraiche, red onion, lemon, arugula, cracked pepper & capers. served with a toasted rye croissant.

Baked Eggs Provencal. Baked with cream, herbs, parmigiano-reggiano, garlic and tomato fondue. served with a toasted croissant and house made preserves. This is what I ate and I’m still thinking about it.

Deliciously light,  tomato sauce was just enough to enhance the eggs without overpowering the dish. You can look for my inspired egg dish to follow this post.

Cappuccino, as rich and good as it looks.

Pistacia Vera, a place to order something special and take it home such as the Chocolate Caramel Macademia Feuillitine,  crispy milk chocolate macadamia nut crust, caramel creme and grand cru bittersweet chocolate mousse with a chocolate caramel glaze.

Whether it’s that little taste of Paris you’re looking for, a nice breakfast, or a very special way to eat a sweet with a coffee, one visit will keep you returning.

My visit was part of a food tour with Experience Columbus. You can read about the tour here.

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  1. The movie that you are referring to is actually “Something’s gotta give” with Diane Keaton & Jack Nicholson. That scene always stuck n my head too!

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