Cauliflower Hash Poached Egg Paleo Recipe

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Cauliflower Hash
Cauliflower Hash with Poached Egg Recipe

Meet cauliflower hash with my perfect poached egg recipe. This is my post workout brunch of choice.

I work out four days a week. Two of these days are a tough weight training class and require a smart post workout meal, with protein and some carbs, so that I’m not hungry the rest of the day. Sometimes I eat this smoothie bowl  but some days I want a bigger meal that is warm and closer to lunch than breakfast.

Yesterday one of the trainers asked me how I keep my weight maintained with all the food events I attend as a food blogger. On Tuesday, there were two food events both with food and cocktails in one day!

Hear me now, I’m not skinny. My doctor advised me to lose two pounds. Not a joke. She said I was two pounds to perfect, but she was happy that my weight never moves more than two pounds in the last five years, even though I go to a lot of food events.

There are Three Things I do to Maintain Weight as a Food Blogger

  1. I eat with much discrimination.  I don’t waste calories on junk or fast food, but when it’s good food, I eat it all.
  2. I don’t eat very many carbs, grains, breads, etc. except for food events, blogger dinners, special occasions. I do eat a lot of vegetables everyday. I eat a piece of dark chocolate every night.
  3. I exercise religiously several days a week, a life long habit.  I don’t believe it helps me lose weight, but I do believe it helps me maintain weight, build muscle, feel better, look better, think better, live longer and keeps me in a “healthy lifestyle” mentality. 

And, of course, I eat the food I make here, which outside of the desserts made from scratch is very healthy.

Cauliflower Hash Poached Egg Recipe

This cauliflower hash poached egg recipe is gluten free, low carb, grain free, and while it hits all those “healthy” markers, it has a gourmet appeal, and is the kind of food that feels hearty, and satisfying.

The key to making cauliflower hash is to slice the cauliflower into small thin cutlets and frying them in either coconut or avocado oil and adding in sautéed red onion. Since the cauliflower is so thin,  it browns quickly, and you don’t really need a lot of oil.

Cauliflower is one of those vegetables you can precut and keep in a plastic bag. Onion can be pre-diced and this entire meal can then be made under 10 minutes. You can add more veggies to your cauliflower hash such as peppers or even tomatoes.

I used coconut oil to make the hash, because there are just so many great benefits including weight lost and you can read more the 28 benefits of coconut oil here. If you want to learn all about the differences of cooking with several types of articles, this article on the ultimate guide to cooking oils here is a great read. 

Poached Egg Recipe from Spinach Tiger

Sometimes I like oven fried eggs, but there is nothing as pretty and perfect as poached eggs, if you can get them right. I’ve shown you how to do that here, and it still works, every time.

You may be interested in some other poached egg recipes I’ve made here at Spinach Tiger.

Kale and Poached Egg Recipe

Sauteed Kale and Poached Eggs 2 from Angela Roberts

The classic asparagus poached egg recipe has been around for a very long time. I first experienced it in Rome, and this is a dish my great grandmother used to make.

asparagus & poached

Poached eggs with spaghetti caused quite a stir with one reader from Italy who was not happy, but I was. By the way, this is an excellent post work-out meal.

Poached Eggs with Spaghett with Tomato Jam

Or try this unique take on hash browns.

Spaghetti Squash Hash Browns with Oven Fried Eggs

So tell me, do you have a post-workout meal you can share with me.

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More Cauliflower Recipes

Cauliflower Hash
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Cauliflower Hash Poached Egg Recipe

Thinly sliced cauliflower sauteed to a crisp golden brown with red onions makes a perfect hash for poached eggs.
Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes
Total Time15 minutes
Course: Brunch
Cuisine: American
Servings: 2
Author: Angela Roberts


  • 1/2 head cauliflower
  • 1/2 red onion finely chopped
  • 1 tablespoon avocado oil coconut oil or olive oil
  • salt pepper
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vinegar
  • few sprigs fresh thyme


  • Pull apart large buds of cauliflower and thinly slice.
  • Put oil in frying pan on medium heat.
  • Brown cauliflower about 1-2 minutes each side or until golden brown.
  • Remove to paper towel.
  • Saute onion in same pan.
  • Mix together.
  • Season with salt and pepper
  • Make poached eggs (recipe here)
  • Serve immediately.


Coconut oil has been known to help weight loss by boosting the metabolism.

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  1. 4 stars
    Absolutely delicious! Because there were some leftover ribs in the fridge, they got chopped up and went in with the onions. My husband, who is skeptical of eating Whole 30 for a month, devoured his and looked for more. I’m only rating 4 stars because it took me much longer to get the cauliflower tender than stated in the recipe. I ended up putting a lid on it to steam for a couple of minutes.

    The poached egg technique is amazing. Beats Julia Child’s method hands down. I had some ragged whites, but my eggs were on the older side. I can see perfect ones when the whites haven’t started to thin. So glad I checked at 2 minutes. My eggs are small. Next time when doing 4 I will use a slightly bigger pan! I look forward to trying more of your recipes.

  2. 5 stars
    I’m pinning this to my Healthy Lifestyle Board. I haven’t had poached eggs in a “coon’s age”. I love poached eggs and I use to put them on English muffins a la Eggs Benedict although I didn’t do the ham or the hollandaise. I had to cut calories somewhere 🙂 Think this weekend is going to feature poached eggs. Thank you for the inspiration.

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