Aunt Else’s Aebleskiver

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What do you think of when you think of Valentine’s day? If you’re like me, you think about food. That sounds funny; I should be saying I think about my husband.

Well, what I really mean is I think about what special foods I could make for him, who we could invite and how much chocolate will be coming to visit. But, the most important thing is getting the day off to a good start, and that means breakfast. I wouldn’t be so naive as to go to a restaurant for breakfast on V day. No no no. I’m a breakfast in bed type and Valentine’s Day is on Sunday this year, which means a leisurely breakfast with champagne and something.

One fun way to start the romantic celebration is with aebleskiver, a filled pancake, cooked in a special aebleskiver pan. Aebleskiver also spelled Ebleskiver is a cross between a pancake and a popover, as it very light.

When I was out in San Francisco for the Food Buzz Festival, one of the demonstrators was a company from Minnesota, Aunt Else’s Aebelskiver. One bite, and I was hooked. As I stood there raving about how surprisingly light they were, I was offered an Aebelskiver set to try with the offer that if I liked it, they would do a give away for my readers. Not only will you receive the pan to make them with, you will receive a package of organic mix. And, this is my Valentine’s gift for you..a chance to win the pan and the mix.

This is at the actual demonstration. There is a tool that looks like a knitting needle that is used to turn them. Now could I repeat this and make them at home?

Yes, this was my first try, at making these danish pancakes.

Aebleskiver also spelled ebleskiver means apple slices , which is the traditional filling for this Danish breakfast, but don’t let that limit you. I’ve filled them with jelly, bacon and nutella.



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