Italian Date and Sesame Seed Cookie by angela roberts

Italian Date Cookies with Sesame Seeds (Biscotti ai Datteri) from La Cucina Italiana Magazine

This Italian date cookie started with an email. A reader named Sara asked me if I had the recipe for the date cookie on my Pinterest board that was from La Cucina Italiana Magazine. I had pinned it when the American version of this magazine was still in publication. Sadly it closed down this year, but still thrives in Italy. Fortunately, I had a subscription and have the last five years of the magazine and I'll never get rid of them. The recipes are accompanied by the most gorgeous pictures of modern classical Italian cooking. It's the kind of food one will get at an upscale restaurant in ...

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Chez Panisse Almond Tart

Chez Panisse Almond Tart with Video with Gluten Free Option

Several years ago I celebrated the first anniversary of Spinach Tiger with this Almond Tart, from Lindsey Shere, where it was served at the legendary Chez Panisse for over thirty years. The almond tart is a shortbread crust, almost cookie like with a filling made from cream, grand marnier and almonds. This week celebrates the sixth anniversary of Spinach Tiger and in because it always falls at Christmas I remade the tart with a video. I chose this to celebrate with because it's one of those recipes that has become a signature dessert. It's that good. Luscious, and not too sweet. It ...

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