roast beef leftovers recipes by Angela Roberts

My Favorite Leftover Roast Beef Recipes

This post is about roast beef leftover recipes, but really it's about much more. A person blogs for many different reasons, but a serious blogger blogs with intention and purpose. I know that part of my recipes, my food story is the emotional story that burns inside of me. Food helped to normalized or neutralize a very bizarre childhood, a ruffled life with a happy ending, which is why I like fairy tales and things like ruffled eggs. Roast Beef Hash  with Ruffled Egg A ruffled egg is just what it means. It's ruffled and quite adorable, looking like a little purse. The technique ...

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Sole Mio by Angela Robers

Sole Mio an Italian Restaurant in the Perfect Nashville Location

When Sole Mio invited me to enjoy a complimentary dinner, I was a bit surprised, yet excited. Sole Mio had fallen off my radar long ago, because as a food blogger, I'm always looking for the next best thing. But sometime the next best dish is at a place that has history, 18 years to be exact. Note: They are participating in restaurant week which ends Sunday. The chosen menu looks amazing. We have just returned from Northern Italy and we know Italian food well. I felt it almost unfair to think that I would compare the food of Italy with the Italian food of Nashville. Sole Mio, located ...

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