Roasted Quinoa Pancake by Angela Roberts

Butternut Squash Stacks on Crispy Quinoa Pancake, Gluten Free

Keenwhat? That’s how I felt the first time I was introduced to quinoa (pronounced keenwah). It took me a while to know how to pronounce it and even longer to be willing to try it in my own kitchen. I’ve seen it on various salad bars and sitting next to couscous, rice and pasta, it never looked very good. But, it must be good. I am hearing about it over and over and, perhaps, in my own kitchen, we can get properly acquainted. When I originally wrote this post back in 2009, I wanted to try a lot of new things in the kitchen. I really wanted to make tarts and thought that would be so hard. Now ...

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Blackberry Pie with Stevia by Angela Roberts

Berry Pie and Cobbler Recipes Using Stevia

Berries are my favorite fruit, whether eaten alone or baked into pies and cobblers. I've recently backed some berry recipes using stevia instead of sugar. I'm not suggesting that stevia is perfect as a sweetener, and there is a lot of controversy about it, especially, the processed stevia. However, for someone who cannot have any sugar and doesn't want to consumer aspertame, stevia is a better choice. Here is a well-researched article discussing stevia and its safety. In these recipes, you can substitute equal amounts of sugar, but always taste test for your own sweetness ...

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