Sweet 16th a Bakery

Sweet 16th Street A Bakery in East Nashville

You know how you can live in a place but not know some of its best kept culinary treasures. The Sweet 16th a Bakery  is not in my neighborhood, but how I wish that it was. When you walk in the door of the The Sweet 16th a Bakery,  you will be greeted by the owners, Dan and Ellen Einstein, who are busy servicing the line outside the door, but not so busy that they don't stop to give you a warm welcome. You might even get a hug on the way out. The people in line are mostly regulars who stop in for coffee and scones that are light and fluffy, but if it's morning, they come for the famous, ...

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Blackberry Cheesecake

How to Make a Cheesecake and Blackberry Sauce Recipe

Did you know that a tiger closes his eyes when he's happy. A tiger cannot purr; so she squints or closes her eyes in contentment.  This denotes trust and safety, and is exactly what we humans do when take a bite of food that brings us back to childhood or rushes to the pleasure center of our brain. There are so many ways to make a cheesecake and if you're wondering how to make a cheesecake that is classic New York, dense enough to feel like a real dessert, this is that recipe, adapted from  New York Times recipe (Craig Claiborne), and  is everything a cheesecake needs to be. It's got body, ...

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