Creative Thanksgiving by Angela Roberts

Creative Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers and a Blessings Jar Tradition

Thanksgiving leftovers. Everyone loves them, at least for a day, and the microwave has made the whole left over thing quite easy. But, I'm in the cooking mode during Thanksgiving week, and over the years, I've made a few interesting creations from the leftovers. Most of the recipes here used ingredients from our Thanksgiving dinners over the years.  Roast turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, green beans. Try these amazing looking turkey waffle melts.  This is a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. Left over Mashed Potato Cakes made with Brussels ...

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Spelt Pie Crust by Angela Roberts

Spelt Pie Crust with Video

Converting from all purpose flour pie crust to baking with spelt flour for a spelt crust is a paradigm shift. How should pie crust taste and and what are we used to?  In truth, I love either type of pie crust, as long as it's good, flaky and baked from scratch. Spelt pie crust has a nutty taste and is denser. The good news is that it will fill you up quicker, aside from the nutritional benefits. I made this recent pie I use a whole grain organic spelt because I'm choosing spelt flour for it's nutritional value and low glycemic level. You may be noticing a trend around here of going ...

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