Biscuit Love Brunch in Nashville

Biscuit Love Restaurant in the Gulch, Nashville

I feel especially proud of the Biscuit Love Restaurant, located in the Gulch, a cool renovated urban area of Nashville. Once a food truck, Biscuit Love is now located in a smartly decorated building, successfully attracting large lines out the door and down the street, reminiscent of another breakfast place in town that serves pancakes. A mixture of local urbanites and tourists, Biscuit Love is there to bring a bit of modern day comfort food to the hungry and the hung over. It was only three years ago when I first tasted biscuits and gravy at a food event and fell in biscuit love. ...

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Sweet Corn Blueberry Swirl Ice Cream

Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Blueberry Swirl

Fresh Sweet Corn Blueberry Swirl Ice Cream is my new favorite summer dessert. My friend picked the corn out of his farm, Burn's Produce Stand. We picked the blueberries from Golden Bell Farm, located right next to us. We did not milk the cow, but we kept this ice cream as fresh and local as possible. The result is a sweet, creamy, summer time favorite. I love this ice cream!  When I first heard of sweet corn ice cream, I felt perplexed. Who would put corn in ice cream? But then I realized the corn I get to eat here in Nashville from my friend's farm is so sweet and fresh, it ...

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