Ground Beef Ideas and Ricotta Stuffed Meatballs

I think I might be a little blessed because while the Spinach Tiger loves steak, I have a crush on ground beef and never seem to run out of ground beef ideas. Good ground beef has fat and flavor which is quite satisfying, and as long as I can get my hands on grass fed, high quality ground beef without sticker shock,  I'd rather eat ground beef than just about anything. My crush has led to many ground beef ideas over the years, from fast and easy to slow and fussy and even recipes for a party. You could use ground turkey in these recipes, keeping in mind, you will need to add in more ...

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Baked Green Tomato Brunch with Oven Fried Eggs by Angela Roberts

Easy Healthy Breakfast Recipes with Eggs

I try hard to maintain good habits, starting first thing in the morning with an easy, healthy breakfast. First I walk about seven miles almost every day. Then I come home and make a healthy breakfast. I need easy, healthy recipes usually with eggs, because I want the protein eggs provide. I also love runny yolks, which make me feel like I'm eating something rich and decadent. Most of these easy, healthy breakfast recipes are Paleo Friendly and designed to give you lots of energy throughout the day without feeling hungry. If you’re looking for innovative ways to cook an easy healthy ...

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