Sponsored Blog Posts: I can help brands by creating approachable, tested recipes with high quality styling and food photography. Here are three examples of sponsored posts. Here, Here, and Here. I am also open to life style blog posts such as the post here.

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Recipe Development: I can develop original recipes with photography as sponsored on Spinach Tiger or for brand websites.

I can cook or bake according to your customer profile, from comfort food to healthy or special diets, including gluten free, grain free, keto or paleo. I have expertise in cooking, baking, with all types of flours and needs.  There are over 1,100 recipes here to browse.

Recipe Videos. Please contact me for details. We can do food/drink videos.

Travel Posts: I will do travel posts that are related to food. This food press tour in Columbus, Ohio has had over 10,000 views.

Food Judge: I am trained in the EAT Method of Food Judging, certified food judges. We judged the World Food Championships. I am judge for Purity’s Ice Cream Contest every year since 2014.

Sample of most recent instagram Post. 

Samples: Instagram Sponsored Posts

Bush Beans: Here and Here. Salmon Council: Here and  Spectrum Olive Oil: Here and Here Starkist: Here  Kroger: Here Here  Triscuits (Kroger )Here

Samples: Sponsored Blog Posts

 Minerva Dairy: Here  and Here  Salmon Council: Here      Spectrum Foods  Here and Here    Pork Board Here and Here and Here

Pam Spray Here  All Whites Egg Whites Here

Photography Sample of Blog Post:

Italian Sausage Mozzarella Stuffed Biscuits from Spinach Tiger

Italian Soup with Sausage and Olive Oil Drizzle from Spinach Tiger


Prices for Sponsored Blog Posts

Blog Post Package: Price  for blog posts with recipe, facebook, instagram, pinterest start at $900. Brand will appear in one picture. I will use key words, and fill in alt text, appropriate meta tags.

Contact Angela Roberts at angela@spinachtiger.com

Prices for Sponsored Instagram Posts

Stand Alone Instagram Prices (not connected to a blog post) are as follows.

$300 for one instagram post. (no recipe), depending on requirements. Prices subject to change. Prices go up on subsequent collaborations.

Instagram Package: $600 with recipe development, 3 slide show photos, 2 stories. Recipe included in content.

Note: There may be additional costs for product purchase.

Privacy Policy found here. 

Please contact Angela Roberts, at angela@spinachtiger.com for further discussion.