Pam Spray Kitchen Hacks

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Pam Kitchen Hacks by Spinach Tiger

This is a sponsored post in partnership with PAM Cooking Spray; all opinions, photos, recipes are my own.

My husband and I fight for the PAM Cooking Spray. He always uses it for grilling. I always use it for baking.

In my last post, featuring PAM Cooking Spray,  I told you how important it is to use a cooking spray when making a quiche or a tart, because they need to be removed from the pan prior to serving and those fluted edges can be a challenge. This is especially true when it’s a caramelized apple tart.

In this post, PAM Cooking Spray, asked me to share some of my most favorite PAM Cooking Spray kitchen hacks with you.

Kitchen Pam Cooking Spray Hacks

Spray your colander before draining pasta. I tend to let some of the pasta sit in the colander and PAM Cooking Spray prevents the starch from sticking and no more gooey clean up.

Pam Cooking Spray Hacks by Spinach Tiger

Spray your pot before adding the water when you make Poached Eggs to prevent the white of the egg  from sticking to the bottom. Until I discovered this, I avoided making poached eggs, because I hated cleaning the pot.

Make quiche with tortillas, but you must use PAM Cooking Spray first; otherwise, the tortilla will stick.

Spray your knife before you dip into peanut butter for easy clean up.

Spray your measuring cups before you measure out sticky food like honey or nut butters.

Spray your biscuit cutter before cutting out biscuits, and you know I need that tip as these strawberry biscuits are one of 19 biscuit recipes I’ve made here.

Cutting Strawberry Biscuits

Make a Ruffled Egg. Spray a piece of press n seal with PAM Cooking Spray.  Add egg,  bunch into a little basket, and make the cutest egg you ever saw.

ruffled egg using Pam Cooking Spray by Spinach Tiger

Spray tin foil before putting any vegetables or fish on them before grilling. Food can and will stick to foil.

Save calories and spray your baking pan when making oven fried chicken tenders or oven fried chicken.

Pam Kitchen Hacks by Spinach Tiger

Spray your bundt pans, so you can really show off your baking skills. Look at this. Not a crumb out of place and you don’t have to frost this. You can serve as is, with a drizzle of chocolate sauce or a sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar.

Pam Kitchen Hacks by Spinach Tiger

PAM Cooking Spray leaves 99% less residue than margarine or bargain-brand cooking sprays too.

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PAM Cooking Spray sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. I could not cook, bake, grill or anything without my spray!! I love it and then really like the olive oil spray. Taking a photo of your food and it looks dull — Pam olive oil to the rescue!! Now this wouldn’t work with dessert but you could use the butter flavor. We love our Pam — I’m with you!

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