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What do you do when you are asked to be one of the 55 Knives? (I was told it was a soon to be published, e-book, featuring 55 food bloggers, their food, picture and personal story).

You might think as I did. “Me, really?” How exciting. You want me to contribute a chapter in a book with 54 other food bloggers?”

The first thing I did was to check to see who the other contributors were, and then I blushed.

I am in good company with these 54 other knives. These are not just any food bloggers. Some of them are bloggers I so adore and have become friends with. Local Lemons, Sippity Sup, the Duo Dishes, Food Loves Writing, Summer Tomato, Former Chef, and Gourmet Fury to name a few. And, remember when I won the Kitchen Aid from Brown Eyed Baker. She’s there too.

These are the best of the best. They don’t just blog every night’s humdrum dinner. They stand there in their kitchens knowing you are watching and connecting. They make sure they give you the very best food and instruction because in their mind it’s from their kitchen to your kitchen.

55 Knives is the brainchild of Nick Evans, of Macheesmo. He has done a remarkable job selecting bloggers and doing all the work. Only one thing, please order the book here or through my site, because I will be able to make a little commission. But, do visit all 55 blogs, starting with Nick’s. His blog will wow you.

The 54 Knives remaining are food bloggers who are not just talented home cooks, but they can write a good food story. If you want to study any culture in history, trace their food stories as who they ate with, when, for what occasion and how they passed down their food traditions are just as important as what they ate.

55 Knives will not only give you a peek into what the culture is saying about food. It’s a peak into the way that technology is changing how we connect through food, gain inspiration, share recipes and nourish our body and soul. While these bloggers have recipes you can easily access, it’s a study unto itself to see which one recipe they would choose to create and share with the world. It’s their own special take on what makes food good and a story enticing.

The most challenging part of this was deciding what recipe I wanted to feature. You’ll have to buy the book to see what I decided, but I’ll tell you this. It’s simple; it’s a go to dish and it’s an old family tradition with a modern Spinach Tiger twist. It’s something you can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Now, hopefully, that you are intrigued enough to buy the book, you can purchase it at a discount, only $14, until June 10. After that, it’s $18. Use the discount code, SpinachTiger. And, I thank you in advance for supporting my first for profit publication.

Nick is offering a generous 30-day money back guarantee and coupons and discounts for food related items in a book that is 174 pages.

Spinach Tiger Entry 202 – Angela Roberts – Spinach Tiger is One of 55 Knives

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