A Merry Christmas: I Won a Kitchen Aid Mixer, and I Need Your Help

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I opened an email today from Michelle at the Brown Eyed Baker and I screamed. Yes, I did. I periodically enter give away contests on other food blogs… and, sometimes I’m lucky enough to win. This year I won a subscription to my now favorite magazine, La Cucina Italiana. Most recently I was awarded the most beautiful cookbook, Ad Hoc at Home by Thomas Keller from Mel at BouchonforTwo. (for my description of a comfort food dish).

A few years ago, I won a Kitchen Aid Mixer from Michelle at the Brown Eyed Baker and I described the above post for my White Christmas ice cream bombe to enter. I was number 394 out of 555, so I feel extremely blessed and grateful. I know that Sam’s Club sponsored her give-away, and it was especially wonderful of Michelle to host such an event, but I also think I want to give a shout out and thank God for this blessing. Only He could know how much this means to me and to my husband.

My wish list has included a Kitchen Aid for years, but has become increasingly important as I’ve taken to baking in a much bigger way since the blog. This may sound crazy, but my husband and I have had what seems like hundreds of Kitchen Aid conversations. We have both studied the models and he even went to Mr. Davis of Davis Cookware (an icon in Nashville) to get Kitchen Aid advice. They don’t even sell them, but they know everything there is to know about kitchen stuff, and I mean everything. If you visit, plan on an hour of conversation and take notes.

Last year I made this cake with it, and you can it in operation

What are your favorite extra attachments?

What do like to make with your Kitchen Aid?

How has it changed your cooking life?

What has most surprised you about your Kitchen Aid?

What other tips might you have a for Kitchen Aid virgin?

Pre-Give Away News: Just to let you know, if you live in North America, early next week I am posting and hosting my own sponsored give away. No, it’s not a Kitchen AId Mixer, but it’s a pretty cool gift. So please come back and get the details.

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