Tour the Hatcher Family Dairy Farm

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Yesterday I revisited the Hatcher Dairy Farm store (located at the farm in College Grove) to purchase some milk and cream. I am getting ready to make some fresh ricotta cheese and only the best milk will do.

Only about 15 miles from my home, nestled in the beautiful hills of Tennessee is the Hatcher Family Dairy Farm with the key word being “family.” Five Generations have held this farm down since 1831, and if you know anything about farming in America this was no easy task and is more challenging today than ever.

This is not your industrialized factory milk and yes there is a difference. The milk is processed only with their family cows by family members, with no hormones added. The milk is considered “creme line” which means the cream rises to the top just the way it should naturally, and the milk is not homogenized.

The cows have names and you can meet Amy, Brulee, Emma, La La, Latte, Coco or you can take the 2 1/2 walking tour where you can meet them up close and personal.

Check out the Hatcher Dairy Farm Website for more information on their tours which will run until November. You must make a registration well in advance.

You get to sample the milk at the end of the tour and shop in the family store.

If you don’t want to drive out to College Grove, you can buy Hatcher milk products at Whole Foods and at the Franklin Farmer’s Market and other small markets in town.

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  1. …so happy there are farms like this to go to!!! Unfortunately, I don’t live close by, but when I visit the area, I LOVE this farm!!!

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