Ribbon Angels: Lora Remembers those who died from AIDS

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This is not my photo, nor my cookies. Today, I opened my email and I saw this picture of homemade ribbon angels from a gal named Lora who is an American now living in Germany. She publishes a blog called TALKDIVA and by permission, she allowed me to show these to you. She was so touched by my calling out to bloggers to cook something “red for to remember” the AIDS crisis in honor of World AIDS Day on Tuesday, December 1.

I was moved to tears when I first saw her genius ribbon angels and her participation, support and creativity. Please visit her and let her know how extraordinary these are and read her story. She lived through the initial AIDS blast that came to decimate a part of America, and she understands its treachery. At the same time, she did something to help and if you love animals, you will love Lora.

The power of the internet is miraculous. Lora and I only met today, but we share a common bond in experiencing multiple loss and overwhelming grief. Grief is a motivator and defines a special part of the human story. Living in different parts of the world, she was able to touch me through a cookie.

This Tuesday, several food bloggers will be “remembering” and helping to raise awareness. This is my first attempt at doing anything like this, and I am hoping that next year, this will expand and hit the right nerve.

I’ll be back Tuesday with my “Red to Remember” post.

December 1 is World AIDS Day – please join me in COOKING RED TO REMEMBER
using red as the ingredient, and post on December 1st. I will post a round up
on December 8th. This is personal to me, and I share my story
here. You are invited
to write about what it may mean for you or just cook to remember.

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