Crushing on Nashville: Road Trip to Pinewood Kitchen and Mercantile, Nunnelly

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Pinewood Kitchen and Mercantile, located in Nunelly, Tennessee

Pinewood Kitchen and Mercantile, Nunnelly, TN

This week Crushing on Nashville is going on the road to Nunelly, Tennessee, to Pinewood Kitchen & Mercantile, about an hour’s country drive away, to a family farm with a restaurant right smack in the middle.

This is not a farm to table restaurant; it’s a table ON the farm restaurant, and you will love me for sending you there.

Delicious Food at PInewood Kitchen and Mercantile from Spinach Tiger

Pinewood Kitchen and Mercantile is not to be confused with Nashville’s Pinewood Social. Pinewood Kitchen is in Nunnelly, an hour outside of Nashville and in the middle of what seems like nowhere.

But, it’s not nowhere, it’s somewhere beautiful and truly heart warming . You will leave feeling blessed and slowed down, enjoying food you didn’t expect to find that is nutrient dense and comfort food memorable.

Mee McCormick, a country girl turned city girl turned country girl, is one Nashville’s cream of the crop women, whose heart to bring healthy food to people is as big as her heart to love people well.

Mee also has a television cooking and styling series on Today in Nashville, and you really want to follow her on instagram  to get cooking show details, and get entertained at same time, and I promise she’ll make your day!

Mee McCormick Pinewood Kitchen and Mercantile, Nunnelly, TN from Spinach Tiger

Out of the depths of Mee’s  own health challenges, she has created the most fantastic farm to table cafe/bistro/joint whatever you want to call it, where she has managed to show country folk that healthified food is not the end of the world, just the beginning.

Pinewood Kitchen uses grass fed beef, organic produce, local honey (they make their own), with no gmo’s,  nitrates, msg or cottonseed oil. You’ll get your burger, but it will good for you!

Organic Ingredients at Pinewood Kitchen and Mercantile from Spinach Tiger

If you live here in the South, you understand exactly what I’m saying.

You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t change his appetite for comfort cookin’. You can get an amazing burger and fries, (homemade ketchup and special sauces), fish fry on Friday nights (with music), and what we at Spinach Tiger like to refer to as big fat healthy food that loves you back.

Yucca Fries, and Brussels Sprouts, so good, worth the drive alone to Pinewood Kitchen and Mercantile.

Brussels Sprouts at Pinewood Kitchen & Mercantile from Spinach Tiger

We feasted on brussels sprouts, burgers, Shawnty’s Buddha Bowl, and fish fry.  Everything is so good and good for you.

When we thought we couldn’t eat another bite, Mee brought us out gluten free blueberry pie and coconut ice cream.

Farm to Table Organic food Pinewood Kitchen and Mercantile, Nunnelly, TN from Spinach Tiger

Shop at Pinewood Kitchen and Mercantile

The Mercantile sits across the street from the restaurant, which is merchandised very cleverly stocking important basic products like a cast iron pans, blue jeans, and housemade organic jars of food such as honey, veggies, and ketchup. You can also find clothing and whimsical gifts and many items can be be on line at the website.

Shopping at Pinewood Kitchen & Mercantile from Spinach TIger

Mee’s cookbook, My Kitchen Cure: How I Cured Myself from an Autoimmune Disease with Whole Foods and Healing Recipes,  sits on the shelf, along with her healthy ketchup and canned veggies of the moment.

Make your next country drive down to Nunnelly and tell them Spinach Tiger sent you!

More Nashville Road Trips on the Way

As Spring arrives, I’ll be taking you on some more Nashville Road Trips. If you know of any hidden gems please let me know in the comments.

Find me on Instagram at both accounts. Spinach Tiger and NashvilleFoodBuzz

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  1. This place is also a lifesaver for those of us with food allergies. No fear of cross contamination at Pinewood Kitchen. it is a fun place where you can take your vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, whole thirty, carnivores and any other food issues all at the same time. The food is fresh, the staff id kind and and music is always fun. In nice weather you can eat outside and whenever the restaurant is open, the Mercantile across the street is open. This restaurant is a dream come true!

  2. So glad you have found this gem! The McCormicks hospitality is one of the charms of this place! The food is 2nd to none.

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