Miss Martha’s Ice Cream Crankin’ and Summer Social Benefit for Martha O’Bryan Center

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Today, I’m judging the Miss Martha’s Ice cream Crankin’ and Summer Social Benefit for Martha O’Bryan. It’s my fifth time judging. More important than judging though is sampling hundreds of ice creams and you can do that today!

Miss Martha's Ice Cream Social

How would you like to sample tons and tons of homemade ice cream? Homemade ice cream made with love and crafted for a cause at the Miss Martha’s Ice Cream Crankin’ and Summer Social. Not only will you get to sample more ice cream than you can possibly eat, there will  be music and fun activities.

This is my fifth year judging the contest and I can’t wait to try all the cold, creamy goodness. It’s tradition for some of the family to enter the ice cream contest, but then there’s another phenomena.

There are people who simply bring their best ice cream every single year and don’t enter. The flavors will blow you away. Think maple bacon with bits of bacon that reminds you of a sweet pancake breakfast and that’s just the beginning. You will cool off and get your fill on this favorite day of the year!

I’ve read about this ice cream social for a few years now and only focused on sampling the ice cream. Then I took a deeper look into what this is really about, a major fund raiser for a very worthy organization.

Established in 1894, Martha O’Bryan Center located in East Nashville, works to lift children, youth and adults out of poverty by offering programs to transform their lives through education, employment and fellowship.

If you know anything about me, the only thing I’m more passionate about than food is children. The sweetest way you can join me in helping is to attend the Ice Cream Social. Or, you can also ENTER the contest and bring your best homemade ice cream. The winner will get to have their ice cream produced by Purity. How fun would that be? And, guess who gets to be a judge. I can’t wait to sample the ice cream.

Miss Martha’s Ice Cream Crankin’ and Summer Social will be held today, Sunday, June 3, 2018.

When: 3-5 p.m. Sunday, June 3 RAIN OR SHINE.
Where: on the lawn at First Presbyterian Church, Franklin Road, Nashville.
Admission: $13/adult, $10/child.

I’ve made a few ice creams in the past that I thought were pretty great. If I were entering this which one would I do?

Blackberry Sorbet

Sweet Corn and Blueberry Swirl

Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream

Strawberry Balsamic Ice cream by Angela Roberts

Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Ice Cream

Plum Brandy Ice Cream

Watermelon Sorbet

Gingerbread Cookie with Ginger Salt (my personal favorite)

Miss Martha's Ice Cream Crankin' and Summer Social by Angela Roberts

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  1. OMG.. that Strawberry Balsamic was my Favorite UNTIL I hit the Ooo La LA (Raspberry and Honey Goat cheese with Toasted Chipotle Almonds) and then it became my FAVORITE!! My geez it was absolutely delicious. My Husband went back for more of that one. Wish we had seen you, would have loved to get a hug from ya! Hope your glucose has leveled out after all of that yummy ice cream!

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