Healthy Asparagus Soup Recipe

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Healthy Asparagus Soup Recipe

There is a story to this healthy asparagus soup recipe that I’m not sure how to talk about.

If you’re here to get a quick, easy, low-calorie, dairy free soup, this is the place, and this healthy asparagus soup recipe will satisfy you.

Friends, this is a long post. I don’t expect most of you to read it. I know you’ll just jump to the recipe and that’s okay. But if you’re interested in knowing a little more about me, my weight struggles and my passion to help others with amazing food, you can take a read.

There’s more to this healthy asparagus soup recipe that should interest you.

Asparagus is highly anti-inflammatory. If you’re not familiar with what inflammation can do in your body, it’s not a pretty picture. It’s the root cause of many cancers and chronic diseases. This article outlines the many chronic illness related to inflammation. I talked about my own auto-immune disorder here.

In fact, many chronic diseases can be reversed into remission if we go on the attack with big fat healthy food that fights inflammation, like asparagus.

The benefits of asparagus go well beyond anti-inflammation, with cancer fighting properties and will act as a natural diuretic. This is a wonderful soup if you’re detoxing.

Asparagus and Fennel make a good team.

I added an entire fennel bulb, celery, and super spinach leaves to the asparagus. There is no need for anything else, not even onion. You can add in a splash of olive oil and I added chia seeds for texture.

how to make healthy asparagus soup from spinach tiger

A Wild Coincidence. You Decide.

Just as I finished this first sentence on anti-inflammatory foods, a neighbor knocked on the door, distressed at his diagnosis of having a non-alcoholic fatty liver, also known as NAFLD. We sat and talked about the seminar I had attended just 4 hours earlier which talked about inflammation and fatty liver, which is a wild coincidence.

I knew just enough about NAFLD and metabolic syndrome to point him in the right direction, and scare him just enough to motivate him, because old habits die hard.

He admitted to a recent year of over indulgence and a retreat from exercise. Now of course, we all know, blah blah blah, eat healthy, exercise more. None of this sits on our shoulders typically until we get scared. Sometimes being scared is not enough.

Sometimes, it has to be a bigger value outside of ourselves. This week I took three days to do a liquid diet to detox my body, my mind, my spirit, in behest of the sanctity of life. For me, this includes the sanctity of our organs, our body, how we take care of ourselves, our own life.

how to make best healthy asparagus soup recipe great as a detox soup from spinach tiger

I told my friend, “you either eat to live, or you eat to die.”

Food can have life giving or life taking effects on organs, our cellular system, our health. We know this, but since we can’t see it happening inside of our bodies, we forget it. We get overtaken the sensory pleasures of the brain.

I was a fat teenager and it wasn’t fabulous.

I understand that. I’ve been there friends. I was highly addicted to sugar and carbs as a fat teenager. Yes, I used to weigh a whopping 197, in an era before obesity began. When I lost the weight, my best friend (who was shamefully thin and embarrassed by her thinness) said to me, “I had no idea your fat bothered you.” I thought, “did I really hide myself and my feelings so well?”

It’s not fabulous. It’s like feeling locked up inside. There is no freedom because even at 17, mobility was difficult. Instead of remembering the polar bears at the national zoo, my memory is how I had to stop and sit on every park bench. It was not a big fat fabulous life. It was painful, physically and mentally. There were no big girl clothes in regular stores.

This is why I want to help people enjoy food, and I would never ask you to give it up. 

There are so many things coming together that are compelling me to share more healthy recipes that are enticing, satisfying and life giving.

I could write volumes shouting out a cheer for big fat healthy food that makes people happy. I don’t think depriving people of the sensory pleasure of food is the way to go. I never want to take away the joy of eating, only the pain of it.

This Healthy Asparagus Soup Recipe is ant-inflammatory, Paleo, Vegan, and Easy from Spinach Tiger

This Healthy Asparagus Soup Recipe Fights Inflammation and can be the start of a good thing for your body.

Of course this soup is not a cure, just a beginning, a start, a small life-giving recipe, as are so many of the recipes here.

Sure, there are some desserts that are high carb, high sugar, and they are meant to be treats.

If you notice, I’ve been introducing more gluten free, grain free, sugar free desserts made with Swerve, a non-harmful sweetener.

There are hundreds of full-health, life giving recipes, so please take a good look around. Most of them are very easy to make. All of them are delicious and should bring food joy to your life.

If you like asparagus, you may love this article on how to cook asparagus perfectly. 

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Asparagus Soup Recipe, the Anti-Inflammatory Detox Soup

Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes
Total Time20 minutes
Servings: 2
Author: Angela Roberts


  • 1 pound asparagus
  • 1 fennel bulb
  • 4 stalks organic celery
  • 2 handfuls of organic baby spinach
  • 4 tablespoons parsley
  • 2-4 cups organic bone broth I used homemade chicken stock
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • sea salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil for garnish
  • chia seeds for garnish


  • Trim asparagus tips. Cut asparagus in 3 to 4 inch pieces.
  • Trim celery tips. Save leafy greens to use also. Cut into 3 to 4 inch pieces.
  • Trim fennel bulb. Slice into pieces.
  • Heat broth in a pot. Add asparagus, fennel, celery salt, pepper.
  • Boil for around 5 minutes. The vegetables do not have to be completely cooked, as they can finish processing in vitamix.
  • You can decide for yourself how thick you want your soup to be. You don't have to add all the liquid broth into vitamix at once.
  • Add in raw spinach and parsley. (Don't cook these in the pot).
  • Process in Vitamix.
  • Taste for seasoning. Add more salt, pepper as desired.
  • Squeeze lemon and lime as the last thing.
  • Add in juice from half the lemon and the whole lime. Taste to see if you want more.
  • If the soup isn't hot enough, you can reheat in pot.
  • Serve hot. Garnish with chia seeds.


This was two dinner sized servings. If serving cups, this could be 4 servings.

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    I am searching good suggestion for homemade pot pie and meatless pot pie actually I want some quick recipes.

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  3. I frequently make asparagus soup and add in salmon, shrimp, or scallops. The salmon is consistently the “best reviewed” addition. I just add in thawed salmon filets at the end, after I’ve pureed it with a stick blender. It cooks in a couple of minutes, then I just break down the filets into smaller bits using a spoon. Looking forward to trying your version, the fennel sounds yummy 🙂

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