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When visiting Toronto, I wanted to do two things, eat dim sum in China Town and visit the St. Lawrence Market. Mr. ST only cared about one thing. He wanted a fish sandwich from The Fish Store.  He read about it before our trip and once he became enamored with the idea of picking out his fresh fish to be served on a crusty Portuguese roll, it was set in stone. He has placed seafood as high as possible in his likes in this world and if a place shows promise of the perfect bite, he will make it his conquest.

I think we make the perfect couple, because we share the same passion to look for that right restaurant, the signature dish, the perfect bite. It’s the kind of passion that makes a small restaurant owner maintain his motivation for long hours and hard work,  especially when it’s a good idea like the Fish Store.

The Fish Store in Toronto by Angela Roberts
Grouper Sandwich

We spent hours that morning at the St. Lawrence Market where there is no shortage of good food to be eaten, but with discipline, I agreed to wait for our lunch at The Fish Store. The pressure was on Mr. ST, but he knew it would be worth it.

This simple little place, located in Little Italy, isn’t much more than a walk up storefront, but it boasts a sundry of fresh fish for purchase or eating on the spot.  In addition to what you see below, they had shrimp, calamari, scallops, black cod and more.

In mere minutes, they will grill your fish with some cajun-type spices, place into a hard roll or top on a salad. I opted for the salad, which amazingly comes with an entire avocado. I was happy for him that it did live up to his expectation and now in his food history as his favorite fish sandwich.

The lower price is the price of the sandwich, salad or burrito. The higher price is for purchasing fish by the pound.

He ordered the grouper sandwich. They slice the fish thinly and pile it high on a toasted roll with a balsamic vinaigrette,  lettuce and tomato. It is just as good as it looks.

I opted for the halibut salad, with balsamic vinaigrette. The fish, of course, tasted fresh, and the salad came with a whole avocado. This is my style of eating, healthy, fresh, filling and never feeling deprived for one minute.

They also serve three non-dairy soups (two are clam chowders,   and an avocado salad. I noticed a lot of fish salads at the tables, and a lot of take out. Now why doesn’t someone please do this here?

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  1. No fair!!!! look at the price for salmon!!!! Its $35 a kilo here at the moment and that’s not even for top quality!!!!!! cryyyyyyyy 🙁

  2. I don’t eat fish, but would gladly have ordered any of the shellfish! I do enjoy my scallops, shrimp, calamari, etc 🙂 Looks like a fabulous trip, glad you had a good time and were not disappointed in restaurants!

    So Mr. & Mrs. ST – what do you have for Quebec? We’re headed there in September.

  3. haha … love Doug commenting here!

    I enjoyed the St Lawrence Market when I was in Toronto and all of the city’s ethnic neighborhoods. Unfortunately, I missed this one. Looks great!

  4. So fun that you guys could spend time in Toronto! Way to go, Mr. ST, on doing your research, and good choice, Angela, on the halibut salad–the minute I saw the sliced avocado, I was in. Looks great!

  5. Really, this place is amazing. I wish we had more time in Toronto because I wanted to try everything here, but especially the Scallop sandwich. I would have ordered it right after my grouper, but I didn’t want Mrs. ST to think she had married a glutton. Even though I was completely full from the grouper sandwich, I would have eaten another one….it was that good. If you are visiting Toronto and you love seafood, stopping here is a must. And if you live in Toronto…. lucky you! I’d be sitting on the patio here every day for lunch.

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