Foot & Salt Spa Therapy in Nashville to Breathe Your Troubles Away

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A few weeks ago I was invited to try salt therapy at the Food and Salt Spa in Green Hills.

This was my first experience with salt therapy, and I had no idea what to expect or what it was.

Salt therapy is also known as halo-therapy, invented by Felix Boczkowski in Europe in 1843, observing the low incidence of respiratory conditions in the salt mines.

The Food and Salt spa has set out to replicate the experience by creating a salt cave, as the room is covered floor, ceiling and walls with 4000 pounds of Himalayan salt and zero gravity chairs.

Zero Gravity Chair Awaits You in the Salt Therapy Room

The zero gravity chair adds to increased circulation and lung capacity and is very relaxing. The chairs are heated and can vibrate.

Once I was comfortably seated and offered a blanket, they turned on the halogenerator, which transmits pharmacy-grade sodium chloride in particles that easily attach to airways, killing bacteria and providing anti-inflammatory benefits.

I asked Xiaohua (Ginger) Jiang, who holds a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt and is a biochemistry professor and researcher on cancer biology to explain the benefits. “The salt therapy goes to all your bronchioles and airways, helping to clean out your lungs. It helps normal people increase lung capacity, and very good for athletes and singers, increases lung capacity.”

Salt Therapy Strengthens the Immune System

Five years ago I had a terrible lung infection and had several relapses. Breathing was painful and I felt weak. Had this existed then, I would have been there several times a week as salt therapy also strengthens the immune system.

Salt therapy kills bacteria or pathogens and reduces inflammation of the airways or the skin. 

Salt Therapy Reduces IgE levels, which means the immune system won’t over-react to asthma/allergy triggers.

This is important to me also because I along with many in Nashville experience seasonal allergies. I also have an auto-immune disease, (hashimotos) and this would be beneficial overall.

Salt Therapy Can Reduce Sugar Cravings

Improved oxygen levels can help subside sugar cravings (which often are a result of low serotonin from stress) and fatigue. Improved oxygen can aid in energy and reduce those lows.

You Can Combine Salt Therapy with Reflexology at the Foot and Salt Bath

You can also get reflexology while you are in the salt cave, which I would love to do the next time.

My experience was very enjoyable, relaxing and I did notice a breathing improvement.

Salt Treatment Therapy would make for great girlfriend time, or a holiday gift.

I’m curious. Have you experienced salt therapy. I’d love to hear about it.

This is sponsored by the Foot and Salt Spa.


4117 Hillsboro Pike, Suit 104A,
Nashville 615 – 457-2211

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  1. This is interesting that I am seeing for the first time. I need to get more detail about this spa. Where it is located and what are their charges. I m not sure that it is available in Alabama, But anyhow I will find it and will get a therapy one day.

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