Quick Bites in Cool Springs: Crushing On Nashville Restaurants, Vol 3

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Quick Bites in Williamson County from Spinach Tiger

I live in Franklin, just south of Nashville in Williamson County, and I’m always looking for a quick place to have lunch that’s not too expensive or too fancy. This is the third Crushing on Nashville Restaurants Sunday post and this time I’m sharing the simple fast places in my own neighborhood.

Brown Bag in Cool Springs is the healthy version of a Meat and Three.

I am always looking for big fat healthy food, especially after a weight training workout. The brown bag is a counter service pick your own entree and side restaurant, and gives me just what I need.

They have several healthy entrees, grilled fish tacos, sandwiches, and several sides. I often get two salads as my side and they don’t laugh.

Nashville Restaurants: Brown Bag from Spinach TIger

Quick Bites in Cool Springs: My Favorite Burger

Groundlocally owned burger eatery in Franklin
 330 Mayfield Dr D4, Franklin
Ground is a hidden gem in a strip mall off of Carothers Pkwy. Hours are 11-2 and 4-8, (closed Sunday).
This is one of my favorite burger places in the super casual category. You can come in your workout clothes, get a quick bite, and get on with your day. When not counting calories, these are best french fries in Franklin. You can also choose a baked potato or baked sweet potato. Try a burger stuffed sweet potato for an awesome paleo option. If you’re not into burgers, get a shrimp po boy. Not into meat, get a salad and sweet potato.
Nashville Restaurants: Ground
I always get the skinny dip, which is a bun-less burger served with avocado, tomato, lettuce, and your choice of caesar or kale salad. It’s only $10 and it’s huge plate of food.

Quick Bites at the Factory

Five Daughters in Franklin Factory also Has Amazing Salads

The 100 layer Donuts (especially that cream donut) are expensive, but worth the splurge and the experience. You have to have one in your lifetime (or a dozen). But, wait, they have salads!

Nashville Restaurants: Five Daughters Bakery from Spinach Tiger

If you want to visit and have a healthier option, Five Daughters serve salads on baking sheets.

The Apple Salad with Brussels Sprouts is recommended and I always add bacon.

Quick BItes in Cool Springs: Five Daughters

Funk Seoul Brothers

Get your Korean cravings satisfied. I don’t have a good picture of the food, and will add one when I get it. If you love Quick Bites in Cool Springs: Funk Seoul Bros at the Factory from Spinach Tiger

Whole Foods, Franklin

Aside from their general hot bar/salad bar, each weekday, they have a pop-up lunch cart offering a very affordable lunch.

Monday: Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Sandwich Wednesday, Grilled Cheese Thursday, Seafood Friday.

Quick Bites in Cool Springs from Spinach Tiger

As for me, I always get the salad and I rarely spend more than $7.

The House of India  Lunch Buffet  and Dinner Service

9100 A Carothers Pkwy, Suite 105

Lunch Buffet: Mon-Friday 11:00 -2:30 Sat-Sun 11:30 – 2:30

Dinner: 5-10 Monday through Sunday

You can breeze through the buffet or sit and take your time over long conversation. You will be warmly welcomed and seated in a comfortable booth. I’ve eaten both at the buffet and ordered for dinner and it’s great both ways. The food is fresh, and service is friendly.

House of India

They also deliver through bite squad and delivery dudes.

And Right Next Door…

Siam Pad Thai

9100 Carothers Pkwy, Suite 108

This can be a quick lunch, or longer dinner. We really like the food here, and often get take-out. It’s fresh, semi-casual and consistent.

I always order the Hung Ray Curry.

Hung Ray Curry* Curry dish with a choice of meat simmered in coconut milk with cashew nuts and ginger. Served over a steamed vegetable bed

Quick Bites in Cool Springs: Siam Pad Thai

Bishop’s Meat & Three  (Good Old Fashioned Southern Comfort Food)

Every day at 11:00 a.m. people start to line up to get their made from scratch meat southern comfort food at this well known meat and three. In case you’re not from the south, a meat and three is just.

You choose a meat and either two or three vegetables. Each day the entrees change, as well as the veggies and there are always desserts like banana pudding and apple cobbler to add if your sweet tooth grabs hold. Bishops is related to Hattie B’s, which is a well known hot chicken restaurant. This means their fried chicken is off the hook good, and you can get it hot if you desire.

To my surprise, I was able to order a healthier fare of grilled chicken, cabbage and baked spinach. My mom had the fried chicken which was a huge breast and wing and she ate every last bite. Portions are quite ample. Take out is available and they have a “to go” family pack for $35, a very affordable home-cooked meal.

Quick Bites in Cool Springs, Bishops Meat and Three from Spinach Tiger

Los Primos Taqueria & Bakery  (next to Kroger)

1203 Murfreesboro Rd, Ste 411, Franklin

Here’s another gem that many people don’t know about. Los Primos is the Mexican restaurant/grocery store next to Kroger’s on 96. I’ve never been there without having to stand in a line.

The tacos are amazing, authentic and in the $2 range. The menu is in English and Spanish and don’t be intimidated if you are not hispanic. There are all the usual meats and there’s also often goat. You can also order meat by the pound and they have incredible baked chicken that falls off the bone.

There’s a bakery, a meat market and more. This is also the place to buy certain cheeses you may not find elsewhere.

Quick Bites: Los Primos Tacos from Spinach Tiger

White Bison – Quick Coffee (Mini Coffee House at the Twice Daily Shell Gas Station)

Quick Bites: White Bison Coffee from Spinach TIger

I do have one more piece of good news. Good coffee is now available at White Bison on Carothers in the Twice Daily Gas station (they will be expanding into more Twice Daily stations soon). They use state of the art technology, carefully procured beans, a mod bar pour-over. White Bison means rare, special and that’s their goal in delivering the best cup of coffee they can. They also have some quick bites to go.

Crushing on Nashville Restaurants: Quick Bites in Cool Springs from Spinach Tiger

So tell me, where is your favorite quick bite in Cool Springs or Franklin?

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